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Friday, April 25, 2008

His Broken Finger Broke My Heart

Yesterday afternoon, I drove to Indianapolis with a new friend to meet the lovely Bossy. As I do every time I'm away, I left instructions for the babysitter, a list of things to do for my daughter, and a note to my husband to read when he got home from work.

I made dinner and put it in the Crock Pot and straightened up the house. All my ducks were in a row. Until the moment we got to our hotel.

I barely had time to put my bag down, when my cell phone rang. On the other end was my nine year old daughter, screaming hysterically, "Mommy!!! Mommy!!! MOMMY!!!" When she finally took a breath, she was able to tell me her brother was badly hurt. I didn't know what happened, but I did know that my daughter would not have such a reaction if it wasn't serious.

There I was, three hours from home and my kids needed their Mommy. "Hello guilt? It's me, Momo." All I could do was urgently tell her to call her Dad (who luckily was on his way home from work). I hung up and phoned the sitter's parents, who live two doors away. Then I freaked out sat and waited a few minutes before calling back to find out my son's finger had been slammed in a door, and that the tip of it was gone.

All of these wonderful bloggers had to watch me sit with clenched teeth and buttcheeks, in anticipation of my husband's report from the hospital. Once I drank four Coronas talked to my son on the phone, after his skin and fingernail had been stitched back on, I was able to relax...just a little.

I intentionally left this out of focus to hide my swollen, puffy eyes, and mascara which had dripped onto my shirt. That's me in the middle, with the fake smile.

After two hours of sleep, we got up at 4:45 this morning, to get home to my son. And, even though my neighbors and my husband cleaned up most of the blood. I found this where they peeled his skin from the door jamb.

And lots of splatter marks on the wall...

...and this on my son's broken finger.

I'm never leaving home again.

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Oh Momo. I hope the little bugger is feeling better! I hope mommy is feeling a little better too.
That is one huge wrap for one tiny hand!
It WAS lovely to meet you last night - drama, puffy eyes, and all. :-)
You were still lovely, and I think it's safe to say that we (Moms) all felt your pain.
Hope today is shaping up to be better!!
Take care!
Oh no! Poor you. Poor him. Poor ouchie finger. I'm so sorry that happened, and wouldn't you know it happened while you were gone?

I hope you're all feeling better soon. :)
Wow! Quite a wrapping on that thing!

It was so good to meet you, and yes, all us mommies could feel your pain.

What's next for the little guy?
Oh poor babe, and poor you. What a nightmare. This will not happen every time you go out though. I promise. Hugs.
I'll say it again ... my heart buh-ROKE for both of you last night - and now again seeing his little hand!!
I almost cried looking at the door and blood splatter and then the cast mah-wahhhh!
isn't it just Murphy's Law that it happened while you were gone :(
It can't happen every time though--I bet nothing bad will ever happen again while you are out, hopefully :)
Oh No!

I feel AWFUL for you.

(I was going to be all sorts of jealous that you met BOSSY...but um...this is horrible news...)

Poor baby!! And poor momo.

Sending Love Hugs and Kisses.
omigosh - poor babe! And momo!

Girl, my heart broke with you reading this and looking at your pics. And I'm viewing thru a computer screen and not real life.

Damn. Door must've slammed HARD to do that to his finger. :(

Hugs to both of yous - hope the little guys is hangin' in there - fingertip and all.
Yowza. I would've been going nuts waiting for the call back. *hugs*

I'm glad everything turned out semi-okay for you guys though...I he has this crazy cool thing on his a monster finger?

All the better to pick boogers with?

I kid I kid.
oh my goodness! poor guy!! That looks like it hurts!!

It all worked out and now you get to clean blood...who could ask for more!?!?
Be sure to snag some of his pain killers!!
Man, he sure showed you who's boss! He made sure that you would never leave him again didn't he? I'm so, so sorry he hurt himself AND that you didn't get the guilt free trip away that you deserve.
::hugs:: to you and the little guy. Just makes my insides go all twisty even thinking of it! I hope he gets better soon, and I hope you feel better too!
Poor kid... poor everybody
Leave it to the kids to keep you on a short leash by any means necessary!
OOWWW!! Poor kid!! And poor Momo!! That is Murphy's Law!! That is the biggest wrapping for the tiniest hand! I hope you managed to have some fun between the anxiety!
AWWWww bless his heart! That is a huge bandage for such a small hand. Hope he is feeling better very soon.
It was so great to meet you. You're even cool when you're traumatized, so you must be EXTRA cool when you're not. :)

I didn't want to "one up" your story last night (still don't, actually), but a friend of mine's two year old was jumping on the bed while the sitter was in charge, and she knocked out both of her front teeth, root and all. She was hysterical (and when I say she, I mean my friend, the daughter, the sitter, and every other "she" involved) but they all came out of it just fine, and your baby will too.

But the sitter never worked in that town again.

Here's hoping for a full recovery, and we'll have a Karoke do-over someday in YOUR town!

Amy @
Oh. MY. GOSH!!!
Poor Momo! Poor little man. OWWIEEEE. That poor little hand. These things happen, whether we're home or not, it just seems they happen more often when we aren't home. Bless your heart Mama. I'm so glad that he's okay, and well.. screw the platitudes. Have another few Coronas and relax. Shall I tell you of the time my not quite (then) 2 yr old grabbed a glass beer bottle and ran with it... fell and severed all tendons and nerves in her wrist???
xoxo Smooches and Love darlin' Momo
Poor Baby!!
Hope it doesn't hurt too bad. :(
OH MY GOSH!!!! horrible!!! Bless his heart, and bless yours!
Clenched buttcheeks...oh my, you are hilarious. I feel bad laughing so hard while reading this tragic account but you sure do have a way of turning a serious situation into pure comedy! All laughing aside...I hope your son survives this...poor thing!
Yikes! How upsetting for you, your son, and the family! It had to be tough being so far away when it happened.

My sister had the same thing happen to her as a kid. She was at school at the time. Everything turned out okay with her.
Oh no! Your poor little guy! I can only imagine what a wreck you were! Lots of hugs to all!
Oh no! Your poor son, and poor you! I hope his finger heals quickly!
oh my are SUCH a blogger taking pictures of the blood. LOL first I should have said, "oh no.....poor boy!" because you know that was my first thought.
ugh. I was sick reading that. I am so sorry that happened to both of you all of you. To such a great mom who deserves a great trip and to such a great kid who never should have any pain.
As I plan my first trip away from my kids next month, I vow never to read this post again.
sending good vibes.
I am so in love with you and so in love with that little man with the huge (!) cast.
I hope he gets better soon.
That poor little hand. I don't know how you got through the night...

Thank goodness he's okay.
I'm sooooo sorry. That sucks to have some long overdue 'you' time and then have an accident at home. I am glad you had fun while there, and glad you're home with you kiddo now. I hope he's better soon.
Oh no oh no oh no! Poor booboo and mommy too! :(
Poor thing, both you and him!
Yup, moms can never go anywhere, nor ever sleep either, haha!
Ouch ouch ouch I'm so sorry!

I was once talking to some friends in a parking lot, my face turned to them, and closed the sliding door on my minivan not only on my finger but it engaged just enough to lock. And I couldn't easily reach to unlock it with the key from that position. (This was in the pre-fob era, back in the dinosaur days.) One friend was oblivious, the other was looking on, stunned, and asked, "Are you all right?" as I assessed the situation. I barely managed to get out, "Could you--please--unlock--my--door" in a very quiet voice.

They did.
OMG! That wrap is huge!!!

It totally sucks that it happened, let alone while you were gone...hope he's doing better!
(and hope you're doing better, too!)
Oh my oh my oh my!!! Like everyone else, I'm so sorry this happened. Poor little guy. Those pictures! I can't imagine how awful it was for him and then for you to hear about it. Wishing a speedy recovery.
My Princess did almost the exact same thing. Except it was her little pinky finger, and the broken part was the very tip of the bone so it didn't have to be fixed. It was horrific.
I am so sorry this happened, and while you were gone at that!
I do feel your pain. But let's face it, dad's have to learn to deal with things and how could they if we are always there?

So I hope you leave home again, cause, hell, I'd love to have a Corona with you.
Oh, you poor things. *hugs* Kids will have accidents, but there's no winning ... if you're there, you feel like it's your fault, and if you're not there, you feel like you could have prevented it. Feel better soon, all four of you!
I'm so sorry for your son, and I hope he feels better very quickly. And I'm sorry for you too; I know how hard it is to be away when something bad happens to our kids. I am glad that you got to have an evening with Bossy, though. Best wishes to all of you.
Bless his and your heart. I am sure he was happy to see you home.
I thought I already commented on this about an hour ago and walked away but now I don't see it...So sorry that this happened to your little sweet heart. I pray it heals quickly. What a traumatic event for everyone!
Oh No! I know what you and your boy are going through! A year ago Sam had his finger slammed in the door and it took his nail off. I was in bed sleeping when it happened because Sam was up most the night and daddy wanted me to get some sleep. I was awaken by his screams. I promise his nail will grow back in! Have some more drinks and relax! I hope both of you are doing better today.
I am so sorry about your son, but am really glad I got to meet you! Hope we can do it again sometime, minus the finger drama.
one time, when my oldest son was 4, i went out with some friends to the bar. i got a phone call as soon as i got there that my son had been hit in the head with a rock and was profusely bleeding from a cut on his head...
needless to say, i didn't go out again for a long time!!
Oh momo.. I feel terrible.. why does it always happen when us moms take a little break from being mom?

I am glad he is better.. hope the pain is not too bad for him.. huge hugs to him and you.

PS. That is a great shot !
Oh, how horrible!!! I feel so bad for you both. Isn't it just typical for something like this to happen when you leave...

Hope he is feeling better.
OH!!! Ouch ouch OUCH! Poor boy. It would have freaked me out completely. I'm glad everything will be ok and that you managed to kind of have a good time.
Don't harbor guilt. He's fine and you're fine. ;o)
Wait. You're the hottie in the middle of that pic? The one who so obviously is throwing out some kind of gang affiliation symbol, which I was still able to see despite the glow of your Wonder Twin Powers ACTIVATE! mood ring?
tonight on momo fali meets csi . . .
Oh, the poor thing. That must have been so painful for him. And poor you. I would have been a wreck. Why do these things always happen when we're not there to fix them? Sending both of you lots of hugs.
That has made me never want to leave home again.
This is awful! The crime scene photos did me in, the evidence of your child's suffering. I would be the same way. Poor baby! Poor YOU!
Poor little man!
When I was seven, I slammed my middle and ring fingers in a heavy, solid wood front door that clicked shut on them, leaving me shieking and yanking against the door like a snared coyote. I remember it very well.

The ends were severed and being held on only by my shattered fingernails.

I sat in the hospital in my ruined Superman shirt, and sobbed against my mother. The doctor wanted to amuptate the ends of each, but my dad insisted on a second opinion. Enter Dr. McNabb (It's 31 years later, and I still remember your name). He saved them, but said that I would probably never have fingernails again.

I do, but they're a little wonky, but no one notices them or the scars unless I point them out.

So where your son is, I've been.

I'm with you, little man.

Oh, and thanks Dad... Thanks McNabb.

~Bill (not Jill)
YOUCH! Hope the little man is alright!
Oh Momo!! I am so sorry for you all! Ack. Poor you. Poor boy!! Poor scarred-for-life babysitter!!
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