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Momo Fali's: Keys To A Successful Marriage

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Keys To A Successful Marriage

* Shared faith

* Common goals

* Mutual respect

* Good wine

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Good Wine should top the list....
If one of you works nights and the other works days that helps too.
Nice list... I would have to agree.

However, is Trader Joes wine considered to be good wine? LOL.
You should write a marriage book.
True. Very True.
But does the asterik next to the wine mean:
In case you don't have wine, use any kind of alcohol to help you cope? LOL
Though I can't drink, doesn't good wine make everything easier?
Excellent list....quite accurate!
been making it work for 12 years sans wine. Don't like it at all. Beer, though? MAGIC!
Wine! Hmm. Maybe that's what it is... *makes mental note*
Well, at least I had good wine! ;-)
husband doesn't drink wine. He would say "good cookies", but I think that's wrong too...

Sex. It has to be sex. Sex is so much more important in the mechanical workings of a marriage than many believe.

Now, wine can lead to sex. or if you are my husband- cookies...
You don't specify HOW much wine. Some days we need more than others!

Although occasionally a good margarita or an ice cold beer will suffice.

And toe curling, tongue wagging, heart pounding sex.
yeah these last few took the words out of my mouth. Momo, how could you forget the sex? It should have been on that list at least 3 times...maybe 4
5 - Sports & Movie package on cable.
Hmm... I guess "Good Wine" would make the "who looks better" argument go out the window -- well with enough "good wine" anyway!
I love the last one!
woooow. i bomb out on all four counts. please tell me i get a do-over. a DO-OVER!!!!!

i think i need to take some time to reflect.

just how long the kids have left in school....

wait - the mutual respect - does it have to be for each other?

and the common - you mean as in common-everyday? or common as in the same. oh? dang.
ooh good list!
That last one gets two stars in my house!
Squeeee for Two Buck Chuck!
Oh-oh. I scored one out of four!
I just read about 6 posts and I'm wondering...why don't I come here more often? I love your take on life and mother hood!
For mine, I need to go industrial strength with the Costco bottle of Jack. But it's all points along the same spectrum...
Too Mormon here for that last one; how about, I'll substitute in Valrhona or Scharffenberger chocolate. Works for us. (We're hitting 28 years come June!)
I'd also like to add lots of laughs.' I couldn't have stayed married for 17 years without being able to laugh!
Sighhh, perfect. Oh, and chocolate.
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