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Monday, March 3, 2008

I'm Better At Aggravating Him

The last time my husband and I went out for a "date night", things didn't start off so well. Within a few minutes of leaving the house, he made a comment, at which I kiddingly snapped a retort. A sarcastic bit of back-talk, if I must be honest. But, let's get something husband is the king of sarcasm, so it wasn't anything he's not used to dishing out himself.

But, since the two of us don't get out much together anymore, he said, "Just for tonight, let's not talk like that. Let's pretend we've been dating for two weeks."

I agreed.

And, after an evening of talking and laughing like we used to, we learned a very valuable lesson. It's really not easy to be that nice.

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Yr so bad! i love the honesty! I love the title.
hahaha, your title really captured me, I couldn't help but come by. Sometimes being "that nice" is really tough, especially when someone can't take what they dish out so well. Been there! :)
That is true, those that are used to be smart asses have trouble taking it. I should know :( I think being argumentative is part of married folks foreplay.
LOL! At least you both see things the same way! :-)
I have one of those too...he yaps away in his sarcastic teasing tone, and then when I respond the same way, he's confused. I've always said he married me just to have someone to nudge!
Isn't it nice to be able to just go out like that? And you're right, it really is hard to just be nice. I have a hard time just being able to let go like that and actually have a good time. Kudos.
Wow, that's awesome. It makes me reflect on my own relationship with my wife.
you gotta have moments like that - you try to stifle all the aggravation and your head explodes. And we all know how messy an exploding head can be.
I agree, it sure isn't...
I think I have forgotten how to be nice without sarcastic undertones.. hmmm.. maybe you can hold a class?? LOL..

Seriously, I know all too well what you posted here.. :)
10 years together coupled with me being a complete hideous runt in terms of sarcasm I know that these 'good' days are hard to plan, and harder to execute.

It takes work, but when it works it's worth it, a million times over.
I don't think my husband and I can go a whole day without being snarky with each other... it's just the way it is. =)
still, *i'd* try if *he'd* try.

i'm saying i wouldn't mind it if he just *tried*.

he doesn't even have to try, he can just try to try. (sorry simpsons, i steal from you).
We call it getting each others goat. (note to self, this would be a good post for later). And yes, it's extremely hard to stop.
Thats probably why I cant last in a relationship...I cant be THAT nice for 10 minuets !!!
LOVE this!! My husband and I could not have a conversation without sarcasm, it's just impossible!
Hum. I didn't know you were married to my husband, Captain Sarcastic.

Good to know.
I totally agree. That's why I don't even bother...
I'm glad you guys had fun though!
That is so true! Especially since I had a sarcastic personality even when the wife and I were dating.
I got a freebie from South Beach Living the other day, and in it was a little pamphlet about living well. Funny thing is, your article hits their point about relationships right on the head.

For relationships, it suggested treating your partner as if you'd just met. Studies show that people treat strangers more pleasantly than they do their long-term partners. If you look your partner in the eye, honestly listen to what they're saying when they talk, and interact with them as a person instead of them as the established notion you have cemented in your mind, the relationship works better. Strange but true.

Glad you made it work. I'm working on implementing the theory right now, and it's quite the struggle to get us both in "that space" any of the time, much less as a regular state of interaction.
Love the idea of pretending to be newly dating!
Marriage is absolutely not easy!
Sweet that you guys made the effort though. I'm going to try that on my big date this Saturday.
Haha! Oh so true!!
Word the hell up to that one.
Are you sure we don't go to the same marriage counselor? That sounds just like us even down to the 'don't have time for a date' part.
Can't stop laughing.

Then again, I can't stop with the snarky attitude with the hubs, either. LOL.
oh, i so hear you on this!! i'm the queen of sarcasm and my hubby...the king. half the time, we don't know when the other one is being sarcastic or for real...see, we're both good at dishing it out but not so good at taking it!! sometimes, our date nights...which are so infrequent...end up with us sitting in silence because someones feelings got hurt!! it's kinda funny...sorta!
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