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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Why My Best Friend Is Green With Envy

At speech therapy the other day, my son and his therapist made "juice" out of fresh spinach, celery, parsley, limes, green apples, and ginger.
- It was very thick and chunky.

And, my son likes vegetables so much...that he drank it right up.

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Glad he was able to drink it right up!
It does not look very tasty in the picture!
He is a good trooper for drinking that!
There\s a few strong tasting things in there that probably drown out the rest.

Still, rather him than me.
Yikies! I'm impressed that your son would drink that! You'd have to pay me. And this from a woman who ate a doggie treat out of curiosity. That green stuff? Not curious about it at all.Wow.
Wow, I'm so jealous. Neither one of my kids (or husband for that matter) go near anything that is green, unless you count green m&m's.
Just your best friend? Why not say that all moms are green with envy? You are a lucky mom.
Yeah, I don't do green myself. I can't imagine my kiddos drinking that!
"bean said..."

AAAAAHH! Here I am, a healthy food and veggie-loving fool, with a son who will only eat peppers (NOT green) if hungry enough, and maybe a bite of frozen peas. He REFUSES to try new foods, too! Quite a change from a few years ago - Momo's son would hardly eat a thing, while my son was happily eating broccoli and plain avocado for a snack. Then, seemingly overnight, they did a Freaky Friday with eating and I have been (here it comes...) a 'green bean' ever since! Sigh.

~Bean (Momo's BF)

PS> I can't wait to make it anyway ... I'm still going to try!
He's a better man than I!!
funny. i thought there was nothing that could outdo celery for yuckness. i mean ABSOLUTELY no disrespect but:
i don't even think i'd drink this with amaretto! and there's virtually NOTHING i wouldn't drink if it had amaretto in it.
My daughter would probably drink that, but my son wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole. lol
It does sound oddly yummy. I love ginger, so that's what got me. Way to go little man, on liking the drink!!
Hmm.. I would be on the fence about trying that myself.. I am very very VERY impressed your little boy drank it down. My son would have thought I was trying to poison him with kryptonite.
yum :p
wow... um, when I first saw the title and the photo I was thinking "mmm... Margarita's!!!" Then, I noticed it's non-icy grit... and then read your post.

I withdraw my original thought.
wow. I could never get my son to drink a vegetable slurpee
I think it sounds great! My girls drink V8 juice (sodium reduced *shudder*) with no problem. Veggies on the other hand - they won't touch so it's V8 and puree...and they are two!
Sorry, but ewwwww... it looks nasty. But it probably was good; he's braver than I am.
Get. right. out of here!


I'm so impressed. No need for the Seinfeld cookbook in your house, eh?
I was hoping you were being sarcastic. But I think I've decided you are serious.

Which begs the point that if they help make it, they'll help eat it...

(I can't believe he drank chunky green stuff!)
eeewwww! good for him!
Looks like the stuff I make for Sun. A seven month old. Yeah.
He is so cute! It looks like he is really enjoying it!
Wow. Amazing. DId you try it?
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