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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Where Toys Go To Run

In order to get on my treadmill, I have to remove two bouncing balls, two skipping toys, two stick-horses, my daughter's purse, and a Hannah Montana wig.
Seems to me, it's more of a pain than the workout itself.

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What you need to do now is:
get on the treadmil
Put on the hannah montana wig
ride a pony
make neighing noises
take a picture
and post it for us to see!

Yep! Used the Nordic Track for a clothes rack for a while before finally admitting it was just taking up space and gathering dust. Love the equestrian idea though... sounds hot.
i agree, but it seems to me you could quite possibly win for most expensive toy box... Don't show your neighbors. you know, there's the whole "keeping up with the Jones'" thing. Next thing you know, you will have to build a state of the art swimming pool, just to house them and stay ahead.
Okay.. the hottdog comment just made me piss my pants.. though that would be really funny. :)
Hey, most people use exercise equipment AS clothing holders.

At least you use yours.

now, post a picture as hottdog described, will you?
You get a pre-workout workout! LOL!
I wouldn't work out either. ;)
Do what hottdog said, do it, do it!!!! Then you can really embarrass your daughter too!
hottdog's comment is priceless! My treadmill became my closet. Clothes hanging all over it. We were recently at a relatives, and theirs was clean and ready for use. My smart ass husband said "Hey Kell, look...this is called a treadmill. Not a closet, maybe we should try using it this way instead." It's all fun and games 'til I take over your closet buddy!
Who needs another workout after all that moving of the stuff?
Its the little buggers you need to watch out for. I stepped on a tiny lego the other day and just about lost it. Right on the arch of the foot. It was one of those pointy top of a tower legos. The little ones...they're killers.
Oh yes hottdog's comment is hilarious!! I wouldn't work out either!
lol. The balls look like fun :D
Yup, looks like that thing has great multi-function possibilities!!
look, i don't know about your house, but in my house toys have to look after themselves. if they want to be fit, the onus is on them. you can't blame them for wanting to be healthy to, momo. it's in their *nature*.

After reading hottdog's comment I got nuthin'.
Ya, hottdog had it covered. But it is definitely an excuse not to exercise...definitely.
I'm tired from just looking at that.
OMG that is priceless. :)
SO I see your exercise habbits are as good as mine.. My son uses the Yoga ball more then I do.
archaeologists will be uncovering our treadmill sometime in the next decade I think. You are actually ahead of the game!
HAHAHA. This is fantastic. Kinda like how I didn't have a napmat for Ezra at school, so I sent him with my YOGA mat. And now THAT's my excuse. "I can't workout! My child needs a soft place to lay his head!"

PS. Thank you for your words on my "being okay" post. They were like a drink of cool, refreshing water to me.

PPS. I am linking you because I HEART YOU TIMES INFINITY.

The end.
Hannah Montana wig?

Next you'll try and say it belongs to your "daughter" not you!
I so second hottdog's suggestion.
removing all of that stuff IS the work out
I think that requires one of those "don't try this at home" signs. Maybe you should unfold it and see what else collects on it.

But I'd like to see the photos that result from Hottdog's suggestion.
Excuses, excuses...

PS: I use mine to hang clothes ;-)
I'm scared it's going to come alive and head towards your fridge for a snack...
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