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Friday, February 22, 2008

It's The Weekend - Don't Drink And Type

Not only should we never drink and drive, but we shouldn't drink and send e-mails either. The following arrived in my inbox, from my BFF, at 3:12 AM last Sunday. Did you realize you could slur while typing? Please note, she did NOT drive. It's quite clear that her car was at Robing's house. Enjoy...


I’m very buszed and wanted to leave a comment ofn you blog but better if not. Ver y tire too. I got 5l5 hours of slep leat night –oh, that is 5.5 hours – and then whent out tonight with neighbors agfter the njewlery party Rboing had. I thought I’d be home at about 9; 30. Uh, yeah. Oh, and I have a xizsat (that says, “zit”) the soizes (truly, that is the second time I have typed the word, “sixe” …”SIXRE” … “xiwse” … “sixe” …. “SIZE”!!!!!!) um… oh~! A zit the size of Kandse! Kansesa@ Kanases! Kansesa! Kansas!!!! YEAS! It is a beacon for landing plandse/.. That said “olanes” … “Pleane@” I’mre uRES! “PLANES!” I am crancikint! Up right now!@!!

Can’t kept going. REmong me to tell you about a sujrprise 340th bday parythe. !@!

Welp, I wan’t drivnign … my car is at robings’.


Haha! You could literally cut and paste any email I send to my mom blogger pals on a Saturday nite into this post and not change the meaning of this post a bit.
man, wish I *could* type when I'm drunk. My eye-hand coordination shorts out completely and I can't even get my desktop to unlock. Probably best that way :) Funny post
Way to kickstart BH! What time is it?

Hilarious to read! Would have taken me all night to type that, way to go for impact! I love it!

Now imagine running across those comments on the buzz, lingering the next day, and the next day, lol.

Boobs come out ;)
I admire your friend: drinking brings out the creativity in her. I just fall asleep.
Bossy is on the floor over that email. Send help.
Oh, I'm crying black tears that was HILARIOUS!
She was sooooo obviously drunk. *lol*
I am going to start drinking now and then come back later so I can understand this email..

LOL so funny.
I wince because it could be me...:)
That is so funny.
Oh, my. I'm laughing so hard at that right now. Your friend is a rockstar. You'll have to get her to drink and type more often - it's just too funny!

Um. I have done that on a few occasions. and, I learned THE HARD WAY...never come out to comment when I am in that condition.
340th birthday. I'd have to check, but that's got to be some kind of record.
LOL priceless. thanks for the smile.
Wow... wasn't sure, but, ahem, yep, that's my wife and the mother of my child. And I completely agree with everything she said...though I have no idea what it was. I love my bean! Party on girl...and I'm glad you didn't drive.
OMG, you are so lucky. I wish I had a friend who'd send me emails like that. I say this knowing that I was that friend once upon a time.
that is hysterical. I actually received one of those from a friend recently at about 4.45 am but it is not only jarbled, but highly inapropriate and offensive

good lesson for all!

what's that I hear? the whistle blowin'? is it finally quittin' time?....margarita anyone????
I'm still cracking (oh wait, "crancikint") up, wondering why I chose Kansas as the state for zit representation. Why not Idaho? Or... California? Btw, it's STILL THERE! Fortunately, it's more like West Virginia now.

~Bean the lush
I've read this at least five times today -- soooo funny.

I keep doing my horrible snort laugh while reading it.

My co-workers are getting quite the earful.

Wow - I can think of endless times that I've heard that kind of slurring, but that's definitely the first time I've ever read that kind of slurring!

You are a nut! Mo, thanks for sharing that because it was so much fun having her explain that today. Then she sends us the link. Too farkin' funny. I need to party with you girlie! I'm gonna have to rethink our children's arranged marriage. lmbo
You really crack me up girl! This is just what I needed on a Friday night with nothing to do but roam online. :)
I'd really like to come to this "suprise 340th bday party", in Kandse! Kansesa@ Kanases! Kansesa! Kansas.
This is hysterical!! Oh, the hurtin' she must have felt the next day!!
that email just put a smile on my face. thanks for sharing.
I think I understood about three words of that.
actually this was more coherent than most of my blog posts.

there's no need whatsover to agree with that.
Wow, was that verbatim? lmao
LOL! 340th birthday party! That is a surprise!
Best. Email. Evah.
Yes she was very drunk. I'm the neighbor who was holding the jewelry party and before she left, she tried to call you...on the vaccum cleaner.
Hee hee. I love that. Drunken emails are fabulous. Ta for sharing. Bean sounds wicked.
LOL!!! That was great!!! Yeah, I'd be surprised at my 340th birthday too!

Blog Hoppin'
Man, I am SO laughing over here. Me? My fingers stutter.
And are you still BFFs? That's awesome!

Blog Hoppin' (and not that drunk - yet),
Balancing Hops
lol. WOW. That is one crazy email. I personally love the part about the surprise 340th Bday party.
Those were the days!! Beren there Done That!
I'm laughing so hard! Would love to attend that party!!! *LOL, no Really I am laughing out loud*
tears running down my face right funny
i have just added you to a link-love thing that is going around as a *kind* of meme. i have the text file if you want it. believe me, if you do this, you'll want the text file. boy howdy.
Oh my.... that is hilarious. Good thing she wasn't drivnign. =)

blog hopping - etcetera
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