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Momo Fali's: It Was Quite A Feeling All Right

Monday, February 25, 2008

It Was Quite A Feeling All Right

My husband and I were at a basketball game yesterday afternoon, and during a time-out an emcee stood at the end of the court with one of the fans. He asked her if she was ready to play a game called, Guess What Year.

He boomed into the microphone and asked, “What year was the Academy Award winning song, 'What a Feeling', from the movie Flashdance, released?

I immediately turned to my husband and said, “1983”.

The emcee went on to ask two more questions, but I didn’t need to hear them.

I knew I was right, because I have Flashdance flashbacks. I clearly remember sitting among my sisters at a cousin’s wedding reception and watching my Mom jog around the dance floor to the Flashdance song, "Maniac". For the record, she was completely sober.

I was twelve. I watched in horror (and that's not too strong a word) as my Mom did a crazy, toe-stepping impression, straight out of the movie. The only things missing were the leg-warmers.

I remember holding my head in my hands and shaking it left and right, and when I finally looked up, I was shocked to see my Mom take things to another Flashdance level. She was alone on the dance floor, when she suddenly stopped in the middle of it, and poured a pitcher of water over her head.

My best friend has told me that I use the word mortified incorrectly. She says it doesn’t just mean humiliated, but embarrassed on so deep a level that you wish you were dead. The moment my Mom poured that water over her head, I was mortified.

It didn’t matter that we were surrounded by family members who were hysterical and doubled over with laughter. I was twelve. My Mom could walk through the room and it would embarrass me.

Now when I look back, I can’t help but laugh about it. I can appreciate that my Mom was having a good time, and I love that she was making people crack-up.

But more than anything, I smile because I have a different perspective now. I’m a parent, and I know that soon my daughter will be twelve. And, I find satisfaction in knowing there will be many opportunities to mortify her.

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I love it! Way to go, Mo's Mom!
That's just what good parents do, and I suppose some bad parents, and a percentage of crazy people. LOL! I can't wait to be annoying and embarassing when my daughters are older. I have been practicing my whole life.
How funny! No wonder you remember the year!
That's too funny!! I'm with youthough, I would have crawled under a table and died, right there....
She sounds like quite a mom. :o)
That's some solid parental embarrassment! We call all only hope to live up to your mom's high standard!
I plan on doing the same thing to my girls. So that they'll have stories like this for their blog.
Hilarious! I think 12 is the golden age for embarrassing your daughters. I mean I used to be the center of her universe and now I am requested to walk 10 steps behind her in the mall. Little shit!
your mom sounds awesome! That is SOOOO COOL!
I love love love this post. What a sweet and funny memory, and how amazing is it that it's come full circle. Yes, you now can mortify your own sweet child with funny quirky behavior. Rock on momo!
LOLOL! I absolutely LOVE the way you ended that! My mom used to love to embarrass me too (singing in a store if I misbehaved, etc.), and now I enjoy passing on that 'gift' to my kids! Ah, the memories! LOL!
deeee-yaammmmmm!!! your mom had serious cajones! that is hilarious. and i also enjoy embarassing my children.
Made me laugh. My kids laughed when I went out "clubin" in hot pants. I continue to embarass them. Except when I do the mashed potatoes and they don't know how.
I think I love your mom.

I can only hope to be as good as she is when my kids are twelve...oh dear...that's NEXT year. I better get a move on and start practising!
I love that! She is my new Super Mommy Embarrassing Powers hero... too funny.
So, SO hilarious. I'm peeing my pants at the whole image :D
That is hysterical!

I think I would have been mortified too... And way to go Ma!!!!
OMG, I don't know that there is anything worse for a 12 year old. I can't even imagine. How funny.
why wait?! i'm getting my embarrassin' groove on NOW! life is too short to wait. and yes, you would think that they'd get used to it. you gotta mix it up. keep them on their toes.

i am so not getting a good room in that old folks home, am i. crap.
Oh, you should see how I envisioned that in my head. So funny! Your mom rocks! And when you're embarrassing your daughter, aim to mortify.
It is our job and we must do it well.
Yes. Yes, there will be PLENTY of time to mortify your own kids.

Just wait until you get "the look"... the eyes rolling back into their heads... priceless.
your mom is AWESOME. I was also 12 ish when Flashdance came out...and I loved that mother did no such impersonations for me!

and oh yes...when your daughter is 12, let the games begin!!
Hot damn! What a wedding gift! Your friend is wrong--you used "mortified" just right. We are lucky you are alive to relay this tale.

Your Mom is awesome! I'm so inspired, I'm going to start practicing my Hannah Montana impression to use on MY daughter.
i'm in training, right freshen up all my 80's moves, like the dive and the swim...because my children's bar and bat mitzvahs are coming up. and...i so so so am looking forward to with them!!
Momo's Mom ROCKS!
I remember the year, because we were all wearing those stupid leg warmers and sweatshirts with the neck cut out. (The sweatshirt thing, I still like, though. Not that I wear it. I just like it. To be totally clear -- I am NOT sporting fashion from the 80's. Well, unless you count skinny jeans. Those I'm still wearing. Well, not the SAME skinny jeans I had in high school, but... *sigh*)

Your mom is my idol. I intend to be just as zany and embarrassing to my kid.
you're mom sounds AWESOME! and brave and funny and just like how we all strive to be. Ya got some good genes workin' for ya.
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