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Monday, January 14, 2008

Who Needs Writers When You Have Reality?

There has been an abundance of reporting on the Hollywood writer's strike lately. Because of the strike, last night's Golden Globes, which is usually a spectacular, star-studded affair, was hosted from a podium. The lavish dinner and drinks were never made, the designer gowns and jewels stayed stashed in their closets, and America was left with an awards ceremony resembling a college lecture. Though, it's likely that an economics dissertation would've been more interesting.

But for me, last night was a wonderful evening of television. Because, my name is Momo and I'm a reality TV-oholic.

One of my favorite reality shows is The Amazing Race, which airs on Sunday nights. This is why I had no idea that The Golden Globes were being presented homeroom style.

The Amazing Race is a race around the world. It puts pairs of people in situations where they're forced to complete tasks indigenous to the locale. While in Africa, they had to milk camels, and in Croatia, they had to row boats through the Adriatic Sea. You get the idea. The competitors are usually exhausted from flying from continent to continent, and there's almost always a language barrier. The grand prize is $1 million, and these people WANT THAT MONEY. This race is like watching the human being's equivalent of a train wreck.

Last night's show saw the departure of Jen and Nathan, a couple who ran the race to see if their relationship could withstand the pressure. Considering that they admit not being able to stand each other when they first met, and that they've broken up numerous times in the last couple of years, this was a lofty goal. Jen was known for her kind words to Nathan like, "I hate you with a passion" and "I can't stand you right now". They were eliminated when they were the last team to arrive and check in with the host, Phil Koeghan.

The show is now down to the last three pairs of contestants, who will compete in the final leg on the season finale. Let's meet the finalists...

This is Ron and Christina, a father/daughter team who are trying to bond. It seems Ron wasn't around much while Christina was growing up, and when he was finally ready to play Dad, Christina was busy getting her degrees from Duke AND Princeton.

This is TK and Rachel. They are dread-heads, and are all about peace and harmony. TK never raises his voice, despite Rachel's dumb mistakes. Of all the stops on the race route, I believe Amsterdam was their favorite.
This is Nicolas and Donald. A Grandson/Grandfather pair. Don is the oldest competitor ever to make it to the final three. And, despite being 45 years older than his grandson, he has taken on some of the more strenuous tasks, such as riding in an underwater Jeep, and lifting heavy rocks. All while his grandson stands nearby with words of encouragement like, "Pick up the pace there Don".

Don't miss this Sunday's race for the $1 million. Because, it's not just a race, it's amazing.

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Fun recap! Love TAR. Love Phil. I'm rooting for the Dad/daughter pair, despite how much they fought each other the whole race. Glad Nathan and "Oh. My. Gosh." Jen are history. Good grief, people. Break up already. Looking forward to the finale.
Honestly, I can't stand most reality TV but AR is probably the best of the bunch. Great recap.
I LOVE TAR!! I do watch a few reality shows, but because my Dad is a part-time actor (been on Ed, Law and Order, Dirty sexy Money, commercials, etc.) I kind of have to be biased, in the fact that because of Reality shows, you lose scripted TV. (Duh, writers strike, it doesn't make a difference now does it!) I love amazing race, because it IS SO different. ANd you get to see the world! Who wouldn't love that?! OK, so Phil's definitly on my to do list (hubby and I have one of those lists..oppertunity ever arose, let it happen, etc.) I hated Nate and Jen and was so glad to see them go. The father/daughter duo came through pretty well together last night. I don't know where they're fom, but I grew up right outside of Princeton and they are the epitomy of "Princetonians". The flower children have just coasted along, I think. And you have to give credit to Grandpa. He really has been a trooper for his age despite the disrepect he gets from his Grandson, by not calling him "Grandpa". WOW, sorry for the long post...You got me all excited!!
I've never seen Amazing Race. Is it too late for me too catch up? Sounds interesting.
I LOVE that show!!!! This is the first time in awhile that I'll be glad no matter which of the final three teams wins.

I read in an interview that Jenn and Nate broke up for awhile after the show but are together again. Oy.
I watch the AR and like the 3 finalists. I was so happy to see Jen and Nate booted, although I will miss their bickering. I just didn't think that they deserved to win. Can't wait to see the end!
My husband and I are fans of the show we were so glad when Jen and Nate lost last night.. We were so tired of them! What a bunch of whiners!
Amazing Race is quality TV. So much reality tv is slop and deservedly gets a bad name. Amazing Race is so far ahead of the pack.

I love your labels. I just picture you concentrating really hard at making the arrows and I smile. Funny stuff although I hate reality TV.
I followed you over from DGM's message board, looking forward to reading your posts.

We're reality TV addicts as well. I never understood how some people can be so snobby about it. Oh well, they're missing out on a great show in TAR.

I'm guessing you're pumped about American Idol tonight?
Not watching the Globes was upsetting to me...but I am an E channel Junkie so what can I say!
I'm a little disillusioned regarding Reality TV because it's basically scripted. I did get into New York looks for a husband on VH1, which was about a rather skanky lady who lived with ten blokes looking for a deep connection/platform to launch an acting career.

I am currently hooked on Cops though - reality at its finest. Definately not scripted!
ps... I have never watched The Amazing Race, but you have me convinced now!
what kind of person says "i hate you with a passion." i mean really. that kind of talk is for the bedroom.. .
I don't watch the Amazing Race, but I always mean to give it a try.
AR is one of our favorite shows; been watching since the first season... and we even met Phil in person last spring as is as hunky IRL as on the show ;)

We were all literally cheering when Jen and Nate came in last and were booted... they were so deserving of it. I can't stand it when contestants belittle other contestants (and locals) and their partners.

Now that Ron has improved, I am happy for all three teams left... I would be happy to see any of them win, but secretly would love to see TK and Rachel take it all. They have been so nice to others all the way thru.

Have you noticed that racers that have a handle on asian languages seem to do well? Like the Hippies on a previous season, Christina and Ron were able to make great leaps with this ability... I wonder how well they'll do on the last leg. And the fact that two of the three last teams have an elderly member may play a factor if the last challenges are physical...

Can't wait for the finale!!!
Hee hee. Don't know if we get this over here but is sounds hilarious.
Great to see you utilizing your mad photoshopping skillz!
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