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Sunday, January 27, 2008

My Daisies Are Pushing Up Daisies

I love flowers and plants and like to surround myself with them.
These are just some of the examples of my green thumb...
These are fresh flowers my husband brought home last week.
This is a plant I've had since
I went to college 19 years ago (yikes...I'm old).

This is a plant in my kitchen.

A friend gave me this plant about six or seven years ago.
And, my daughter hand-painted this pot and gave me
this extra special plant,
just so I could kill it.

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All the plants in our house end up like your last plant.
All my plants look kind of like the last one. I am a bad plant mother.
Love the pot though. Fabulous. :D
I am a plan killer. Hence why there is no green life in my house LOL..

ps... love those flowers!!!
Wow, you've had a plant for 19 years?? I can't keep a plant alive for 19 minutes!
I am so bad at keeping plants alive. I even killed my cactus garden - yeah, the whole thing was dead within 4 weeks. I suck at gardening, or even owning plants for that matter. :)
Haha, to that last one. Poor lil guy!

I cannot keep a plant alive for the life of me without the help of my mom. She comes over and pinches, cuts, loves...all I have to do is water. I have not yet comprehened the whole pinching off certain leaves and new ones grow...but I find it facinating.
SEE?! You do have talent! I may be crafty, but I cannot keep a plant alive to save my life. Outside garden, no problem. Inside plants look like your last picture....What a lovely pot though :)
Plants, in the house? Crazy talk. My cat would be in "salad" heaven!!
I don't know what impresses me more. that you've had a plant SINCE college or that you had a plant IN college

I don't remember my friends in college being so domestic. or having a green thumb back then. unless they were growing something else

hope you're feeling better!
Your hubby brought you *GASP* flowers? Lucky broad. My husband has vowed never to bring me flowers because whenever he bought them for a girl, she usually dumped him within two days.
I have a brown thumb... every plant I bring into my house dies... the only ones still alive are the cacti my son has in a terrarium in his room.
wow, I should hire you anytime I get a plant. The longest I got one to live (minus the rose bushes) was a year and a half.
Ha the plants start to cry when I walk into the Home Depot. They know if I choose them then the end is near. I think I have had a few bark and growl at me before;)
LOL! You crack me up!
I kill all plants...well, except for those peace lily plants that people send to funerals. Those things never die! lol!! They linger on and on.....if only they were really pretty! lol!

btw...thanks for the very nice comments you've left me...they were a blessing! (teehee!)
I have a black thumb. So black in fact, that I don't even bother anymore. ha ha.
maybe you could do the old switcheroo and buy an alive plant and replant it before your daughter sees you killed hers...
after I killed a CACTUS I figured it was best to stay away from all plant life...being that a dessert is more nurturing than I was
I don't get it I can keep my children alive and healthy but have me just look at a plant and it will die!
So how did you keep a plant alive for 19 years yet manage to kill the one your daughter gave you recently..interesting how that happens!
I so love the flower pot! I stay away from plant life!
Yeah, my plants are hit and miss... some I've had for years; others just up and die right away. Go figure... I just brought home two from the office that were dying; hopefully they will perk up before the cats find them ;)
oh man...that totally sounds like my luck. ugh...
I'm glad you have that Popsicle stick in there. That dead leaf would just look like crap if it were to fall over.
This one is not your fault!

It's the painted pot, messes with the soil or moisture or something... I swear.

It's your kids fault for painting a pot.
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