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Momo Fali's: Don't Want To Look Forward? Let's Look Back

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Don't Want To Look Forward? Let's Look Back

I am not in the mood for New Year's Resolutions. The past year brought some challenges which won't magically go away with the change of a calendar. It's going to take a quick upturn in the real estate market, and I can't add that to 1) Get on the treadmill again 2) Quit picking my cuticles and 3) Lay off the vodka. So, instead of looking forward, I'm taking a look back. Back twenty years to 1988, also known as The Year of Big Hair.
In 1988, this woman became the longest-running British Prime Minister of the century.

Oh, wait...not that woman. This woman.

This guy named Jimmy the Greek made some stupid, ignorant comments about black athletes.

Oh, sorry. This is him.

This guy, beat up married this girl.

And, a fellow in a leisure suit was elected to public office.

Iran... ...and Iraq were at war. Which is really surprising, since you hardly ever hear about fighting in the middle east.

He hit his head, then went on to win a gold medal.

And, this guy was elected president. Oh, sorry...I mean this guy.

And, just to show what an intelligent country he was elected to run. Enough people went to see this to make it the 5th top grossing movie of the year.

And, in 1988 a computer for cavemen was invented. Thank goodness times have changed.

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I do believe I had hair that size. Except mine was so curly, that It really looked like I was wearing a helmet with bangs (or a visor per se) that stood straight up. I'm with you...I made a resolution, not to even bother making one, since I never keep it. And Lay off the Vodka??? That's no fun!! great post!
I wish I had my big hair pictures handy.. they are classic.. I am 5'11" with four additional feet of hair.. how did my mom let me walk around like that.. :)

Fun Post!!!
It is no fun to lay off the vodka! I didn't have big hair until the late 80's when I was old enough to do my own hair! This was fun!
lol... I remember those days...and even I had much longer hair back then.
heheheh. I remember watching twins :p
Hee hee. The first picture of Thatcher was more realistic. And the big hair was fabulous.
OMG, loved, loved, loved the picture!! I am planning on doing a flashback Friday where I out myself and the stages of my big hair. They are ghastly! I did get a new visor, damn dog. I have to make sure not to put it anywhere within her reach. If you root against KU tomorrow, then I will root for Ohio State, even though I am still bummed that we were only 1 game away from being there. Of course many teams were...... :)
Loved your resolutions and what a tour down memory lane. Really makes you wonder what kinda world we live in these days. Creepy : )
this was a super great post! Oh yes, back when Dana Carvey was president :) I remember...
your middle east thing made me laugh... how sad is that?
Whew, I somehow managed not to get drawn into the big hair days. I'd hate for my kids to show all their friends what I looked like back in those days.

I decided to make a do not New Year's not make any :)

Thank you for that trip down memory lane.

(Ps...lay off the Vodka? Never!...unless of course you plan on substituting that with Gin or Tequila? )
I can't wait until BIG hair comes back in style! (Not!)
C'mon Momo! TWINS is a great movie! And TOTALLY believable! The part where Arnold taught himself to drive a car...that's just classic Hollywood greatness. You are so jaded! :)
My husband still loves big hair, but I absolutely refuse to revisit that time in hair history. I still shudder at the thought.

Great stroll down memory lane!
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