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Momo Fali's: "Look At That Horse"

Thursday, January 24, 2008

"Look At That Horse"

so awesome!!!!! I love a confidant flub!!!!
LOL! He played it off so well!
That is a nice horse, but what about the jackass showing it off? Waaaaaay better!
Wow. That's hysterical.

They should put that horse in the world book encyclopedia.
Oh. My. Gah. Maybe he's blind? Or something? YIKES.
I am crying over here.. OH MY.. I am totally sending this to everyone.. LOL .. needed that laugh.
oh man... I dont have speakers in the office...I cant hear anything. All I can see is a giant butterfly (and a Kodak camera for sale)...I guess I will have to wait to get in on the joke until I get HOME. damn it.
OH.My.God. Is that man blind?? "My producers are telling me that it's in fact a butterfly or Moth?!" Hello?? Anyone home? Obviously not a horses tail there....I'm in tears....good find!!
I'm stunned. Poor guy. He was so sure of himself!
If i had been the producer I'm not so sure I'd have let him in on the picture. lol
Sad and funny - excellent combination :)
Ummm. I got nothing. Nope.
that guy is such a jackass. like, where in God's name do you see a horse? lol
Nothin like live TV. Guess this guy believed in following the cue cards or script. Bet he's not living that one down.
Ha! That is really funny! Shows are people don't pay attention to anything!
Hehe, very funny. :)
What a pretty horse.
Hee hee. So funny.
oh my god...he never even caught himself...he totally thought that was a it possible that he has never seen a horse before or a moth/butterfly?!?!?!
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