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Momo Fali's: Kris Kross Made Him Do It

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Kris Kross Made Him Do It

Since I've been working, a few changes have been made around the house. The biggest of which, is that my husband now gets our son ready in the morning.

The other day, I mentioned to my husband that he needs to make sure our son is getting himself dressed...and not to help him too much. Even though he's five years old, he had a rough start in life, and is still behind on some of his motor skills. He needs consistent practice in order to master every-day tasks. My husband admitted that he had been helping our son get his clothes on, because he's usually pressed for time.

But, that afternoon when I picked up my son at school, I saw that our boy had indeed dressed himself. Though, I'm guessing they were running late again...and that my husband never noticed that he sent our kid to preschool with his pants on backward.

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Momo that is hilarious! I can totally identify with dad on this. When I used to have morning "get Marcus ready for school" duties, it was really hard to let him work thru it himself. I also referenced Kriss Kross to Marcus whenever he put his shirt on backwards. He's never heard the real song, but nowadays whenever I say "Warm it up Kriss!" he replies "I'm about to!" And of course he asks me "why did they put their clothes on backwards?" I have never had an answer for that...
LOL!! That is too cute!
Kris Kross'll make you jump jump.
Sorry, bad flashback!
I can relate to Dad. We are always running late so I practically dress my 8 year old myself so we can get to school on time!!!

I STILL don't know if she can zip her own pants!!! :)
the title was the best... kick back to 'da 90's... love it...
Uhm. I wore my pants backwards once, on purpose, in honor of Kris Kross. Whaaa?
I'm sure you know this, but with us men folk you have to be VERY specific. Obviously he saw the boy has his clothes on and thought, GOOD! You never mentioned anything about making sure they were on right. :)

Chuck @ D is for Dad
LOL... But he was wearing pants, though, right? :)
so funny! i get my son dressed for preschool...usually, his clothing is on correctly. but, when i pick him up, i can tell if he has gone to the bathroom there because, inevitably, his shirt is on backwards (he takes off all his clothes to go to the bathroom...don't ask, i have no answers!) or, his pants are on wrong! so, i can relate, completely...and, it's so funny!
Hope nobody who noticed laughed at him that day.
By the way, my nephew also has slow motor skills development. He started talking only at the age of 4. Had my sis worried for a little while there but now he is doing ok.
Got you in my blogroll now. Will try to stop by more often.
Oh my! Too funny. Will smile about this one for quite a while! Hugs-EE
Isn't Kriss Kross a little b4 his time?
awww.... Im sorry for laughing...(but you had going with the title).

Practice makes perfect...he'll get it soon enough and then you'll miss the backward panted days!
That's just whickedy whickedy whickedy Whack!
Aw, all the Kris Kross quotes have already been made here ;) My little one has done that as well, and his shoes are usually on the wrong feet. I try to tell him that if he can't stick his hands in his pockets without dislocating a shoulder, they're on wrong.
Is that a bad thing? My son goes to school like that all the time. I don't notice it until we get there. Oops! Hope he's not scarred for life.
I am always the keeper of the morning routine, even though we "both" work. Ugh!

Yep without us moms, all children would arrive at school half dressed, unzipped, pants and skirts on backwards. ;)

p.s. I once sent my oldest to daycare sans underwear. Yikes.
LOL! Nothing like five-year-old independence is there? : D

Good ol Dad!
How do men survive without us? Sheesh.

Jennifer, Le Binky Bitch
Well, your son and I are at the same level of mastery when it comes to self sufficiency I suppose. took me way to long to get the kris kross.
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