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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Generation Gap

At last night's Hanna Montana/Miley Cyrus concert there was an opening act called The Jonas Brothers. They are a trio of modern-day, slightly-punkish-yet-Donny Osmondesque, teen boys, who were met with ear-piercing screams from 15,000 girls. That's one thing that will never change. Whether it's Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, The Beatles, or for crying out loud...even Leif Garrett...there will always be screaming girls.

But, one thing was very different. Because, as The Jonas Brothers gathered together to sing a slow song, they didn't ask the audience to pull out our lighters and hold them up in the air. They asked us to pull out our cell phones.

Instead of flickering flames courtesy of Bic, the arena was filled with dim, blue light courtesy of Verizon.

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Wow, that is funny. I guess at least it's a tad safer?

I saw the Jonas brothers on tv for the first time the other day and can't say I was very impressed. Of course when I told my sis this she reassured me they were the twinkle in my 4 yr old nieces eye...
isn't that hysterical? cell phones instead of far technology has come!
ok... so not sure if you knew this but, some of the newer cell phones even have a display photo of a flickering lighter for certain concert occurances...
yeah dude
love the cell phone thing
I'm glad I am old enough to have burned my fingers though at a concert
I wonder if I could pull that off at a Journey concert?
i would love to hold up a huge *picture* of someone holding up a cell phone, which has the picture of someone's computer desktop, which was a flame.

i'm all about the meta. i also like to comment about comments.

sorry, way too much coffee today. and i don't normally drink it, so you can see why.

seriously? my lighter goes up to your post. :) in a good way. ..
Oy, technology

That's so not the same thing!
I am old.
This entire post brought back these awful memories of having to sit through the Hannah Montana episode where she meets the Jonas Brothers and her dad starts writing songs for them and she gets jealous and does stupid stuff to get her father to notice her again and OH MY GOD, my eyes just rolled so hard that they're now stuck at the back of my head.

The entire thing is decidedly painful. I'm surprised that people come out of those concerts with brains still intact.
ah the times they are a changin'

very funny post. I took my daughter to see the cheetah girls 2 years ago and the jonas bros were the opening opening act. before ali & aj. these disney concerts are quite an experience
Jeff Tweedy has us do that in Ann Arbor.
I am soooo out of the loop! I'm glad I found your blog to get me up to speed so I can communicate with my grandchildren.
He he. I'd heard that this happened, but I've never seen it first hand.

Thanks for stopping by the blog, I'm a sucker for privacy too, but necessity and all that. *chuckle*
I'm not sure I know who Hanna Montana is. But I do remember her father (unfortunately) and that 'delightful' ditty of his (which I'm not going to name for fear of planting the songseed in my brain for three weeks torture). Leif Garrett - I remember him too. Gosh, I feel old now. When you're young these things are incredibly important - and that's nice. I wish I could get as excited as that about something these days.

Mya x
I have heard the Jonas Brothers were the next big thing. It was so funny...I saw a TIGER BEST mag at Barnes and Noble and almost cracked up. I felt like I was flashin' back to the 70's. The Jonas Brothers were on the cover with shaggy hair, and the cover looked like it was produced in the late 70's retro style. I wondered what era we're really in!!!
Aww. Technology at it's finest.

Jennifer, Le Binky Bitch
awww... it just isn't the same.
Wow, Hanna Montana, you are so lucky. My niece has been dying to see her.

I have seen the cell phone thing at some concert before but I forget which one. I guess teen girls are better off carrying their cell phones than lighters. I mean if they have a lighter, you have to wonder why.

BTW: New Kids on the Block Rock! I was a screaming girl at their concert .
A friend's daughter went and saw the Jonas Bros. at our state fair, and she was just fuh-reaking out because she (OMG) TOUCHED one of them!!! I asked her if she'd washed that hand yet, heh.
times they are a changing. my daughters teacher told me when they play "store" all the kids take out credit cards. They don't know what real money is.
Thats a pretty cool idea. much safer.
I guess that's good since kids at those concerts are too young to smoke legally anyway. Weird. I couldn't imagine seeing a sea of cell phones being waved toward a stage like that. Think of all the bees that are now dead because of that huge rush of radiation into the atmosphere. Think of the bees, momo.
Wow, definitely a sign of the times! Pretty cool.
That is a wake up. Never heard of that...times, they are a changin'.
Leif Garret!!....I had completely forgotten about him!lol!! and cell phones instead of lighters is a hoot!!
hahahaha guess what? i'm almost 20, and the jonas brothers are my favorite thing ever. i was planning on seeing them in concert two weeks ago, but scalpers bought all the tickets.
Delirious, the Christian band did that a long time ago, I've seen. Way cool.
Wow, Miss E would love to see Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus. We are seeing High School Musiacl on Ice soon, but Hannah Montana she would die for.
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