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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Take Your List And Shove It

This morning the homepage on my computer had a survey asking who is the least-attractive, female star in Hollywood. I suppose the brilliant mind behind this survey took their lead from Maxim magazine's recent list, which has received quite a bit of publicity. Though, not the uproarious publicity it deserves. It seems there are actually sad, little, shallow-minded individuals who care about some sexist fool's "bottom-five".

I don't know who compiled the list for Maxim. I don't know if it was a man or a woman. I'm not giving their web-site the traffic to check it out. Either way, I'm guessing the guilty party has some female relatives. A sister, an aunt, a niece...a daughter. At the very least, they have a Mother who carried them and bore them. She probably didn't look too attractive squeezing their block-headed-numbskull out of her either.

In fairness, I can't just point the finger at Maxim or my cable company. There are lists like these all over the place. I have a daughter who isn't aware of them yet, and I wish I could shield her from the ignorance and emptiness of that portion of our society forever, but unfortunately I can't.

At this point, I can only hope that she will grow up to be well-adjusted and know that she is exquisite, no matter what anyone ever says. I want her to know that being humble equals refinement. That kindness equals beauty. And, above all...that people deserve respect.


Amen, sister!
I'm constantly changing the channel or just turning the stupid TV off to shield my daughter from sexist garbage. It's everywhere. Modesty and grace must be taught at home now.
Steady on.
it amazes me, the emphasis that is put in all the wrong places! it's funny, my friend and i were discussing britney spears. one thing that she was being ripped on about was, her body! that pissed me off. she is a gross, disgusting person, the way she chooses to live but, for godssake, she had two kids...close in age. i think her body looks friggin awesome. i don't really know why your post reminded me of this conversation but, it did so...there.
It's true that this sort of attitude doesn't end with lists like this. It even shows up on the toy store shelves and on clothing racks, too.

Well written post!
Well said!!! :)

All the lists, whether top five or bottom five, should be shoved! It's really a shame that so much in our society is based on looks... it's a shame, especially when it so affects our children! Grrr....
incredible post.
thank you.
It's so scary to raise a daughter in this climate but maybe even scarier to raise a son.
These mags are teaching them men how to treat women.
thanks for posting about it.
look at MOMO go!!

there's nothing about you I don't adore! thanks for justifying my hips for me too!

ps. your word verification is: aeieio
it needed to be noted
this was a great post. That really disgusts me. Because I am a journalist I tend to stay away from news/magazine media, etc. So much of it is never what it seems, and so things get by me...
This makes me sad...
Being an entertainment journalist I have come to appreciate specific actresses/actors because they are beyond talented... Other people, (some of the most lusted after) are just not quite talented at all... I have met many celebs and over time their "exteriors" have diminished the grand bubble society keeps them in...
And then, with things like this and the underlying pressures out there associated with the beauty and figures of people constantly in the spotlight, we wonder why they end up in rehabs and hospitals.

Man oh man...
And you are right. These sorts of things happen even in school. But I do believe the cue is given by hollywood and what is "in" in the moment.
"I want her to know that..." And then moving to a cabin with no electricity might help.
Great blog! Raise them with self worth and give them confidence in their abilities, lots of hugs and praise, is a good start.
Yeah, I saw that Maxim list, and it pretty much infuriated me. Societal priorities in general infuriate me, so this was nothing new. Still, who in their right mind thinks, "Hey, let's make a list of the 'unsexiest women'," sounds like a worthwhile endeavor? Idiots!
I feel very fortunate that I have somehow missed this entire controversy. I really must ignore the major media more often and just stick to blogs (like yours).
Ditto from me. Well said. I am certain that should someone compile the top most ignorant self centered petty obnoxious characters, the author of those lists would be near top 3!
thank you for visiting my blog.
more so for commenting!
much respect~d
Waht a bunch of ar**hoes.
I hate these lists.
I have little girls too and really hope I can make sure they understand they are better than this.
Damn straight!

The least attractive women are the ones intentionally making comparisons among women's looks. That's the truth, Ruth.
Can I add another AMEN to that? Great post!
Did I see Sarah Jessica Parker on that list? Give me a break! The nice thing about her is, she has enough confidence that a list like that will not phase her. I hope our daughters realize that sexiness is a state of mind, and confidence is sexier than any blonde bombshell in skimpy clothes and high heels.
so pathetic. one reason i'm glad i'm not a teenager anymore is the pressure to look good in a bikini or belly shirt. as the mom of 2 daughters i'll do my damnedest to make sure they get their self esteem from within, not because boys think they're "hot!"
That's horrible. :P
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