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Momo Fali's: She'll Be Saying Grace At This Year's Dinner

Sunday, November 18, 2007

She'll Be Saying Grace At This Year's Dinner

My eight year old daughter has been a crazy little writer lately. She has some 50 journals that she writes in constantly. Every day, every thing that happens to her gets put down in writing. I think she wants to grow up to be a blogger.

Since this is the week of Thanksgiving, I thought I would share something special from her. Here is a letter that my daughter wrote to God this morning.

Dear God,

Thank you so much for my wonderful family. Thanks for all my friends. Thanks for helping me live my life happily. Thank you for all my surroundings. Please help the sick heal. Please give the homeless people a home. Please give the hungry some food. Please help all the people in Iraq. Please help all the people in the book of intentions. Please let my family live a long healthy life. Help me be able to help people in need of my help. Please give me courage to help people at all times.



P.S. My Mom would like to thank you for letting the Buckeyes beat Michigan.

(Okay...she didn't really write a P.S. But, I would've told her to, had I known she was writing God a letter.)

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So precious! i love it... how sweet...

I wonder if their really will be blogs when our 8 year olds are grown?
awww, so sweet. That is a really good letter. I wouldn't think to put all that in it.
The added ps was funny to :p
Ah, now that is sweet.

Go Buckeyes!
That letter gave me chills. Beautiful!!
Wow! get her a blog account now! Parents blogging about what their kids do and say are a dime dozen (not discounting what we do - just pointing out a fact!). But getting it straight from the kid's mouth? That would be beyond cool.
That is awesome. I love it.
That rocks! What a beautiful heart your daughter has!!! I love the 'book of intentions'....I love the whole thing!

Laughing at your PS!....
I would have please let the Redskins beat the Cowboys!
All her thankfulness is kind of contagious. Thanks for that.
awwwwwww that is so darling. What a blessing she is in your life. :) Thank you for sharing it.
That is just so sweet! I like her letter!
PS I tagged you! Come and see!
even though i'm from michigan. and...even though i wanted michigan to win, i'm going to overlook your p.s and say...that was a cute post. my 11 year old is doing the same thing. she has a diary and about 85,000 journals, scattered and hidden throughout our house. it's really cute.
well, have a happy thanksgiving!
What a speacial girl you have there. We should all be writing letters like that. Thanks for sharing that one!
Ha! That was awesome! You have a very sweet little girl.
She'd make one hellava blogger!
What an awesome letter. She gets right to the point and I like it!
That was so...precious! I have to say that you probably have an up and coming blogger on your hands!
that is SO great that she is in the practice of doing that so early on! What a head start on life!
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