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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Real Friends Don't Have To Be Real

My husband and I have often discussed where our children get particular traits. Both kids have my detached earlobes, my sweet-tooth, and an inclination toward being overly sensitive. My husband is clearly responsible for our daughter's big, blue eyes, her competitive nature, and our son's affinity for pushing people to their limits.

But for certain, they get their imaginations from me.

When I was a child, I didn't just have an imaginary friend...I had a whole family. Fourteen brothers and sisters, all named, aged, and with defined personalities. My position in the brood was smack-dab between two sets of twins.

When my daughter was younger, she had three such imaginary friends. But, whereas I kept mine a secret, she openly told people about hers. They went everywhere with us. One time we had to go so far as to GO BACK to church one Sunday, because she said we left one of them there. I will never forget holding my crying daughter, watching my husband walk down the aisle into an empty pew and grab the air as if he had lifted a child.

Our son's good friend, however, isn't actually imaginary...he's inanimate. His best buddy is a soccer ball, and because it reminds us so much of Castaway, we gave "him" the name Wilson. Wilson gets good-morning hugs, plays hide-and-seek with our son, and is starting to show some serious signs of wear and tear. Nobody can make our son laugh like Wilson either. We're not sure what he's saying, but apparently, he's quite the comedian.

So, unfortunately, when our son acts like a smart-aleck, I can't say to my husband, "He gets that from you"...even though he does. Because all my husband has to do is point at a beat-up, tattered soccer ball to put me in my place.

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thank you for your visit to my blog and your well wishes. i appreciate it. as for imaginary friends, we've had our share in my family, too. my oldest son had a pair that lived under his bed. they showed up when he was around 3 1/2. i wrote a little story about it. hysterical about the wilson thing. that was the only part about 'castaway' that i liked!
take care.
I wish I had that good of an imagination!
That is funny! You husband grabbing the air makes him a true dad. Good job! You have some wonderfully imaginative children and that is awesome!
I just love this. It makes me want to let my kids just be.
Great post. Do you still have a good imagination? Do you enjoy imaginary play with your children? I love that you actually went back to get your daughers friend. You are wonderful parents!
My son has imaginary enemies... hmmm. I guess all those power ranger weapons feel kind of useless just sitting there under-utilized.
Glad to hear my kids weren't the only ones with imaginary friends. My daughter used to make me hold the doors open until her imaginary mice (like on Cinderella) made it out the door. My sitter thought it was weird but I didn't think much of it. The doctor told me it was a sign of intelligence - so celebrate!
what a great story! I've never heard of that before but I love it!
I had an imaginary pet bird. I was a weird kid. Who picks a bird as an imaginary friend, anyway? Why not a lion or a unicorn or something? Yeah, I picked a bird. He lived behind a picture on the wall in my room. I'm considering therapy.
Too funny. That is a vivid imagination indeed. (referring to yours) What attention to detail! As for your children they do seem to get that from you.
Wilson. lol
I really enjoyed hearing this story, thanks for sharing.
Oh yeah, thanks for stopping by my place too.
much respect~d
Had you ever told your kids about your imaginary family? If not, then that's pretty funny (and by funny I mean weird) that genetics has wired your kids brains the same as yours.
I would love to read more about your "brothers and sisters" :)
That was great! My 3 year old has an imaginary friend. His name is Josh and while he doesn't do everything with her he does manage to pal around quite often. It's hilarious.

When this started I remember asking my wife, "So who's Josh and why is he at the house so often?"
I just starting cracking up thinking about your son talking to a soccer ball. How cute!!
Dontcha just hate when they're right?
I had a few imaginary friends when I was young, I wish I had that kind of creativity now.
My son has an imaginary friend named Mousie. Who has a friend named Rat.

I love it. I just love all imaginary friends, the participation they require from family members, what they reveal about your children's thinking and feelings, and the often odd names they have (my nephew's imaginary friend is named "bems").

And wow, fourteen brothers and sisters!
One day I'll have to tell the story of SoccerGirl's friend... "Green Blankie"

It's a hoot.
Amazing imagination you and your kids have! you are awesome parents for going back to the church!
Winston is so kool!
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