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Momo Fali's: Why I Hate Fall

Friday, October 26, 2007

Why I Hate Fall

This is a picture of my driveway.
We walk through all these tiny leaves to get to the back door.

This is a picture of outside my back door.
All of these leaves do not end up in lawn bags,
they end up getting tracked into my house.

This is my yard, covered with a zillion leaves which need to be raked and bagged.

And, this is what is still to come.

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Are you trying to mess with me ? :) Cuz I would kill to have my yard looking all pretty like that, really. I miss raking leaves and having the kids jump in a colorful pile of fun. If we lose leaves around here they are all gross mold color and usually have some roaches peeping around. Trade for a season? please?
Guess we know what' you're doing this weekend :-)

It's beautiful though--at least there's that!
Just think of all the photo ops! Then get a leaf blower. Let the neighbors deal with it. ;)
Exactly! Talk about torture...
LOL! I hear you! We bag up leaves all the time! Last year we had over 70 bags of leaves...

Not fun to rake!
But it's all so prettyful!

just a slight pain in the arse, lol.

Don't worry, soon enough it'll be snow instead of leaves :)
Oh dear! You certainly seemed to have some work cut out for you.

But like others have mentioned, it does look pretty, though. And I always like the change in seasons when the leaves turn a different color. It gives a nice scenery at times.
wow....that looks beautiful...but lots of work. sigh....
I would love the photo ops....but not the work. sigh.....
Nice! Looks beautiful really. I love maples. And you paver pathway is great too. Its better than those trees that drop those gum balls in my yard. I almost kill myself mowing those suckers.
Gorgeous when someone else is raking. Hah!

My husband won't rake (or do that machine airblow thing) until ALL the leaves have fallen.

Of course our yard treeage is minimal comparatively.

Cheer up, make some pumpkin bread! (shameless reference to my blog ;) )
I grew up raking (and bagging around 110 bags of) leaves every fall, and now that I live in LA -- I kinda miss it -- the leaves, not the raking.
Chain saw?
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