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Momo Fali's: Seeing You Preggers, Brings Up My Eggers

Monday, October 8, 2007

Seeing You Preggers, Brings Up My Eggers

Pregnant women make me sick. Literally. So does the smell of freshly applied wallpaper, the Before These Crowded Streets CD from The Dave Matthews Band, lotion from Bath and Body Works, and walking into my ob/gyn's office.

Don't get me wrong...pregnancy is a beautiful, amazing, miraculous process, and I think sharing a child with someone you love is a wonderful gift. But, I was not a glowing, happy, expectant Mother. I was sick. A lot. When I was pregnant with my daughter, I threw up every day for months. Not just the first trimester, but through most of the second as well.

Ordinary odors usually sent me running for the nearest restroom. Luckily, I had some seniority in the office where I was working and I had all sweet smelling lotions, sprays and perfumes banned from the department. Some things, like walking my dog and picking up her poo, were unavoidable. I would try to hold my breath, but would inevitably end up gagging and retching in my neighbor's yards. How attractive is that picture?

But, it wasn't only tummy upset. I was actually sick, sick. I developed some freakish auto-immune disorder that only affected me when I was pregnant. I blew up so big that if someone had tied a string to my foot, they could've entered me in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. All in all, I can't say it was a pleasant experience until my children were actually outside of my body.

So seeing, hearing and smelling things that remind me of that time tend to make me queasy. To all the pregnant women who are at their best and feel so good when they're pregnant, I'm really happy for you. But, don't be offended if instead of stopping to chit-chat with you, I hurry myself along.


I wasn't quite as sick as you were, but I agree. I've got a pregnant SIL, and while I'm thrilled for her (It's her first), I am oh-too-happy to sigh with happiness that I'm NOT pregnant.
I hated being pregnant too! I was very sick with my 2nd (no auto-immune disease though!) and would always throw up as soon as I changed my son's poopy diapers - it was a struggle not to throw up ON him while I changed him! Yuck! When I see a prego woman, my first thought it, "Better you than me!"
The sickness is the worst thing!
Hi Mo! My wife was sick pretty much the whole time too, but mostly just at night...every night...multiple times. If I were her I would had probably given up.
I know exactly what you are talking about. I was the same way with my first and lost weight for the first 4 months until they put me on some special meds. The smell of popcorn still makes me sick...
Ack! I was sick only during my first trimesters so I was fortunate! I did however puke or wretch anytime I heard someone peeing...and if I happened to smell it I was out for the day...poo I could handle just not the pee. ugh...
How funny! Pregnancy was great for me! Of course, my hormones are way out of whack, and that was the only time they were ever...uh, whack? The only thing that triggered nausea was the smell of cut grass. Good thing my husband likes to mow the lawn!
Yo, sooo glad I am dude. That sucks. My hats off to all you ladies and all you go through. Respect!
First and fourth...THEE worst! Sick until 23 weeks with 1st and gest diabetes with 4th. I do not like sticking myself with needles!
As far as food...still cannot eat potato salad because my mom accidentally left some egg shell pieces in a batch she made and I ended up puking for hours at her house. Yuck!
Yikes! I thought I was miserable as a pregnant woman, but that pretty much takes the cake!
Ohhh oh yes. Fast-food TV commercials would make me vomit when I was pregnant.

I was vomitus for 7.5 months. I lost so much weight and couldn't keep anything in. Ended up on an IV on the hospital.

Then at 7.5 months it ended. I was that happy, glowing pregnant woman people talk about.

Then at 8 months I did the whole pre-clampsia bedrest thing.

Pregnancy, not fun.

Babies, lotsa fun.
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