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Monday, October 1, 2007

I'm Beautiful In His Eyes

Yesterday, my son climbed on my lap, held my face in his hands and said, “You are so, so, so, so pretty”. This was no ordinary compliment, considering it came from the kid who is usually commenting on someone’s most unattractive qualities.

It was also remarkable because I don’t feel pretty much these days. Granted, there was a time when I looked all right. But, what once was gangly is now pudgy, what was firm is now wrinkled, what was straight is now slouched, and what was smooth is now scarred. I work out, I take my vitamins, I try to eat right, I’ve even been sleeping better, but I will never have what I once did.

I’m at an age where a minute in the sun seems to add a new wrinkle, and when my dermatologist gets ahold of me, she chops moles off like she’s a butcher…always leaving mangled marks along the way. I rarely feel comfortable leaving the house without make-up, and more often than not, I’ll don a hat and sunglasses before taking the kids to school.

My hair never looks quite right, and clothes don’t fit like they used to. My bra deserves overtime pay for all the work it has to do. I’m a Mom, I’m nearing 40, I don’t have the time or energy it takes to make myself look attractive.

But, in the eyes of my five year old, I’m pretty…and that’s good enough for me.


What a cool post. Our children love so truely they see beauty not as the superficialalities that society has impressed on us as being important, but they see beauty as someone they love, period. Very cool.
Age sucks--kids are the reward. And at least your bra has something to work overtime for :-)
Aren't complimentary sons the best? He loves you so much and that is sooo cute!
This is awesome! I think we all could learn from the honesty and innocence of children. Children tell it as it is. No fluff. Your son sees you as so very pretty, therefore you must be.
can he come over here for awhile and say nice things to me too????
LOL! I about fell over reading the bra comment. Now I feel I should throw a party for mine--the poor things really do a lot of work (and more as the years progres, unfortunately), and don't get the appreciation they deserve.
Children are super. Your son's brutal honesty may not be so brutal after all. You will always be pretty in his eyes, regardless of your actual physical appearance. Doesn't it feel good to know that someone will always unconditionally think you are pretty? I think so.
I'm sure this warm fuzzy brightened your whole day! This such a great reminder that it doesn't matter what changes... at least our kids will always love us for us! :)
That is so sweet! You are a beauty! I like to hope that even though my gut now sticks out 18 inches in front of the rest of my body, my kids still think I am beautiful too.
That's so sweet. I can't wait until my son is talking. I only get hugs and kisses, which makes me feel like a princess!!

Don't be so hard on yourself!! I'm sure you look great!
This made me smile because my son (he'll be five in January) does the same thing. Out of the blue, and usually on my most frumpy of days, he'll come up to me and say, "Mom, you're so beautiful." And I feel just like a million bucks! Thanks for sharing.
Oh I love this.
Kids are honest.
They are so honest.
So you are pretty.
So there.
This is the sweetest thing! I too love it when one of my kids call me pretty!
Sure does make someone feel pretty darn good!

Don't these little ones just make life so woth it?
That's sooo sweet of your son!
Isn't that so precious?? :0)

I feel old too girlie. Really old. Lets just join the old and haggard club together. :0)

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