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Momo Fali's: Getting Bounced From The Bunk Bed

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Getting Bounced From The Bunk Bed

For almost six months, when my daughter was a baby, she slept in our bed. This wasn't me being a nurturing mother. This wasn't co-sleeping. This was an eighteen-pound baby lying on my chest because she wouldn't sleep in her crib. Out of desperation, her father and I brought her into our room, and within a week, she had managed to slither on top of me and nuzzle her face in my neck. We slept like that every night, until she got so big that her sweaty body felt like a Toyota on my chest.

She still frequently climbs into our bed. Bad dreams, noises, upset tummy and trips to the potty end with a visit to our room. I can't tell you how many times I've wondered why things are suddenly a lot more crowded, and I have a lot less blanket.

But, my five year old son...well, he's an entirely different story. He has NEVER slept in our bed. Well, maybe once, because he was sick and we forced him to. Not only that, he won't get out of his bed unless we physically go into his room and tell him to get up. Not even on weekend mornings, when we would delight in having him watch cartoons with his sister while we sleep in.

The other night, when he went to bed with an upset stomach, then woke at 4:00 AM moaning and whining, I ran to his room and climbed in bed with him. It only took a minute to realize that his twin bed and my pinched nerve were no match, and since he wasn't feeling well I thought he should come sleep with us. But when I asked him if he wanted to, he put his hand on my arm, stopped moaning, and in a strangled whisper said, "No. You go." As if he was a gallant hero who was uttering his last words..."I'll be okay. Just save yourself."

As I climbed from his bed, I said, "I really think you should come sleep with Mommy." But suddenly, he was a lot less chivalrous, though still full of drama...when instead of uttering a word, he simply turned his face to his wall and pointed to the door.


awwwwwwww that made me sad...why did that make me sad? Did he really want you to go? did you stay? was he mad?
sorry for the questions...I just got really into your story...and now wonder....why it made me sad.
Maybe it was his not really NEEDING you. I am so attached to the whole, "she NEEDS me" thing...when in fact, I NEED her!
*laughs* I'm more like your son than daughter. The only times I would sleep in my moms bed was when it was too hot to sleep in my own. My room didn't have a ceiling fan and I grew up in las vegas. But even then it had to be BAD. When I was a baby, I loved my crib so much that I would fuss when my mom tried to rock me, I just wanted in my bed! :p
Kids need to stay out of my bed. Period. They can nap with me and that is always acceptable, but in my bed, or worse yet me in theirs, always ends up with my neck hurting and me getting less sleep then recommended.
That was a great post. We are living much of what you mentioned with our three year old daughter. Truth be told, we don't mind her sleeping in our bed all that much. I have two older children and I know all too well that these days are gonna pass pretty quick.
LOL! I have never heard of such from a kid! Amazing... I love it!
That is too cute I can just picture a your son pointing at the door as if he is saving you from the monsters under the bed.

I personally haven't had our son sleep with us (we just have the one) except when we went away because we were all in one hotel room and he wasn't tolerating the pack n play. Needless to say it was the worst sleep I ever had. Between being paranoid that I was going to smother him and him kicking me in the gut I didn't sleep to well!
How funny. I applaud your son's defiance. I can only imagine that single digit pointing at the door.
Oh my goodness! my son has given me the same finger pointed at the door! What is with these boys? They are so strong-willed. Oh yeah. There's a book about that. Hmmm, better check that one out.
That is hilarious - quite a little gentleman you have!!
he sounds freaking adorable. I am so envious. I wrote something called "co-sleep or no-sleep" because I'm such a lazy ass mom and couldn't do the put him back in crib every five minute thing. I was just too tired and now I have kids all over me all the time, I've created co-sleeping monsters. I do love it most of the time but I've heard ablut kids like your son. I didn't think they really existed! Oh, for a night alone!!!!!
Oh, that made me laugh!! Maybe it's because I sleep with a 19lb, 14oz, child on my chest every night.
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