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Momo Fali's: Germs Are Not Welcome Here

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Germs Are Not Welcome Here

Having a child with health problems, a child who almost died from a bacterial infection, has made me quite the germophobe. I am constantly washing my hands and have little bottles of anti-bacterial gel in every bag or purse I own. Not too long ago, I even pulled out some gel at church and used it after my son had shaken the hands of fifteen different people during the sign of peace. No offense folks, but I don’t know where you’ve been. My husband was so embarrassed that he gave me a bogus grin, then I heard him mumble under his breath, “I didn’t sign up for this”.

My children are ordered to wash their hands IMMEDIATELY upon entering the house after school, and I NEVER let them use a drinking fountain. When we enter a public restroom, my son is told to keep his hands on his belly and not touch anything. Preferably, he just uses the potty I always keep in the car, which I have lined with kitty litter bags. It has kept him off many a public toilet seat.

I have taught my daughter to push elevator buttons with her elbow, and how to open a restroom door with a paper towel, then shoot it across the room into the trash. It’s like basketball camp, only without the basketball, court, or scoreboard.

The grocery store we go to has recently put out disinfecting cloths so we can wipe down the cart before my son’s hands touch it. No one can detail a shopping cart quite like me. Those little car-carts are always so sparkling and clean that people are probably expecting me to tap on some custom rims and add hydraulics. My son could run into his friends and hear them exclaim, “Dude! Sweet ride!”

But, despite my efforts, my kids still get sick. I hear it’s good for them to get sick once in awhile, because they’ll be stronger for it when they’re older. Well, good! Because, if that’s the case, my son will be the picture of perfect health when he’s an adult. Then he can shake all the hands he wants.


Bossy will comment as soon as she's finished wiping down her keyboard with disinfectant.
Germs. Can't live with 'em or without 'em. I heard somewhere that there are good germs too. Is that right? Schools and hospitals, as far as I am concerned, have like 95% of all germs.
The more I read of your blog, the more I have come to realize that we are long lost sisters only just now finding each other again. How is it that we are SO alike? It's a little spooky, frankly.

I have another potty tip which works well for us - I wrap a plastic bag around the removeable "potty" part and then lay an open diaper inside. It soaks everything up and then you can wrap it in the bag, toss it and reload. (My potty is stored in the back of the van. People look at me funny when my daughter uses it, but I don't care!) Oh, and another thing I found is a foldable potty seat for emergencies. Fits nicely in the little backpack I carry around and goes over the toilet seat. Lysol it when you get home and you're good to go! :)
Yes, the body has to get sick on occasion so that your immune system works/beats those germs down and gets stronger. It's sort of like spinach for Popeye. My uncle is a pediatrician so I've grown up with the donottakeantibioticsunlessyoureallyreallyneed them! because I dont' want to quit taking antibiotics halfway through and/or take them unnecessarily and then have mutated antibodies that don't respond to the medicine. THAT scares me way more than the stuff on a toilet seat. To each their own neurosis. hehe :D
Yes, my son had a bacterial infection which was antibiotic resistant. It was very, very scary. He was on IV antibiotics for seven days and he finally kicked it. It was the last ditch antibiotic. So, since then I've become freaked out by ALL germs. As Joeprah mentioned, there are good bacteria too. My son takes an acidophilus tablet every day to promote the growth of good bacteria.
Yes, that is so scary and I'm so glad they found something that helped kick it. I wasn't trying to be know-it-all just saying what *I* am particularly scared of just fyi don't want you to think I was saying it's bad to try and keep germs away in high-traffic public areas because obviously thats a good thing. :)
No! You're right Elizabeth. I agree that the superbugs out there are very scary. I'm neurotic about all bacteria! I don't discriminate! Thanks for your comments.
I hope you're right - at the rate we're going, my son will be right next to yours as the healthiest adults in history!
I've also taught Nicholas to push the elevator button and use a paper towel when turning on/off the water and opening the door in a public bathroom.
Momo I'm so sorry your little one was so ill, it must have been terrifying. While I've never been through that, my oldest child Miss E is one of those kids who seems to catch everything and be extremely ill when others just get a milder version.
Last year they checked her out for Leukemia, but luckily it ended up that she has very reactive glands which she should grow out of.

So we are pretty germ aware in my house, but it amazes me when people don't do the basics.
When I see adults come out of the toilet and not wash their hands it makes me fume, yet so many do it. Bleurghhhh.
I'm sorry to hear that your son was so sick!
I also carry those gels in every purse and diaper bag I own! My kids get sick so easily that it drives me insane!
Preventive measures though do make a huge diffrence between just a mild cold to a severe sickness!
Take care!
I also want to thank you for visiting my blog!
Oh my girl YOU are ME! LOL

I am such a freak about germs that I carry around those big honkin jugs of Germ-x you can get from wal-mart. I'm sure you know the kind I'm talkin about :0)

Super bugs and I are NOT friends. They make my blood run cold. I sure didn't know your little guy had one of those nasties too...Ugh

Do you remember which one it was?? Prolly a dumb question cause if your like me you remember EXACTLY what it was, when it happened and the drug that saved his life.

Thanks for always stopping by with your kind words and encouragement. I appreciate it so much.

Now lets keep our little guys well!

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