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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Time Flies

Sigh…I looked at my eight year old daughter this morning and couldn’t believe how big she suddenly was. It was like she sprouted up a few inches overnight. She was only 2 pounds 9 ounces when she was born, and that baby…that little, teeny, tiny baby who could fit in the palm of her father’s hand…well, she could NOT be the same child I see before me now. It’s like this new kid just gobbled up the other one. A dingo didn’t do it…a third-grader ate my baby.

As we near her 9th birthday, it’s hard to think that her life in this house is almost half over. Nine years from now we’ll be nearing her 18th birthday and she’ll be entering college shortly after that. How is that possible? The years since she was born have flown. They’re a blur really. Day to day crap didn’t eat my memories, it devoured them.

Today before I sent her off to school, I gave her an extra hug and kiss. What more can I do really? I can’t hold on to her forever, though there are days I wish I could. There are times I wish I could hold that little two pound baby in my arms…go back to a time, after she got off her heart monitor, when I didn’t have to worry about her so much. When there was no hustle and bustle of school, homework, sports, life. I want to yell at her, “Stop growing!”

And yet, there is so much joy in watching her mature. She is smart, funny, extremely kind and generous, a wonderful big sister and friend, and not a bad softball player either. There’s no doubt that life won’t always be a breeze with her. We know we have battles ahead. So somehow, someway, I have to find time to enjoy her while she’s young. Just for today, I’m going to take the day to day crap and shove it where it won’t get in the way. Just for today, because tomorrow is only nine years away.


Big sigh. They grow up so fast.
Kids man...why don't they just stay two would be like having a pet, but than all those diapers would really get old. Also, I love watching them realize their individuality...ah but time does fly, heck my oldest is only 7.
They grow up WAY too fast, don't they?

I have loved every stage and am forever feeling like screaming "Wait! Pause! Can I please just enjoy this for a bit before we move on?"
My daughter is turning 2 next week and it's killing me. I don't like reading that it won't get any better... Must.Cry.Now.
My dad always says that he wishes he could have kept all us kids from getting older than age 6... that was the best year according to him. And then there were the many threats of "I'm putting a brick on your head to keep you small." They really do grow much too fast...
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