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Monday, September 24, 2007

The Floor Is Open

I have been tossing around the idea of allowing comments on this blog. My in-box this morning had two separate requests for a comment section, but I have reasons why I've avoided it up to now.

Though my life and language are not always G-Rated, this blog is. My eight year old reads it. My mother and my mother-in-law read it. So, if you post a comment I ask that you please use discretion and "clean" language. I know, for a fact, that the first thing most of my friends would like to do is leave a comment laced with profanity, just to get me in trouble! I'm trusting you won't.


My mother-in-law reads my blog too. She's my biggest fan!

Glad to see you enabled comments. :) :) :)

Love your blog.
My first visit here, but still happy that you enabled comments. I've been reading a bit, love your place, and thanks for visiting mine. :)
I have been reading for awhile and come visit daily! I'm glad your head is better, and as for comments you don't want people to see, I believe that you can delete the inappropriate ones! :)
I've never received an inappropriate comment on my blog, which is good, since my kids, my husband, and my extended family all read it. You'll love getting the feedback, I'm predicting.
I read your blogs every week --- I've always wanted a way to say Thanks for making me smile (and cry a few times too). You are good at this --- you really are!
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