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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

What A Pain

Am I the only one bothered by the radio advertisement for The Petal Study? Have you heard it? They're advertising a medical study for a new endometriosis medication. It's actually painful to listen to.

It goes something like this...
"If you feel as if you're wrapped in barbed-wire, AND you're lying on a bed of nails, AND there's a cinder block on your stomach, AND someone is pounding on may qualify for The Petal Study."

Wow. It makes me want to run out and hug anyone I know with a gynecological problem. It also gets me thinking about how you would qualify someone for The Parenting Study.

"Have your senses been deprived due to a lack of reading anything more intelligent than Dora books? Does school tuition leave you with an empty dinner plate? Are you sleep deprived and exhausted from being exposed to fire truck sirens and the High School Musical CD? Do your feet ache from stepping on errant toys? Have you forgotten what it feels like to have an adult conversation? If so, you may qualify for The Parenting Study."

I'm sure I know what my friends without children are saying...

"I think I'd rather have endometriosis."


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