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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Melatonin Rocks!

I have suffered from insomnia since I was pregnant with my daughter. She'll be nine in December. For a long, long time I suffered with it, mostly because I saw my doctor frequently enough for all my other ailments that I didn't want to bother him with me not sleeping. I mean, that's my fault, not his, right? I tried to solve my own problem by looking on-line, where I found St. John's Wort. I'm sure it works perfectly well for lots of people, but it made me feel like a sloth while my head and heart were racing. Like I was running a marathon and taking a math test at the same time, but I couldn't lift my arm if I tried. Not a pleasant feeling. I finally talked to my doctor about it, and have tried two different prescription medications, one of which made me crazy. Like, wanting to drive my car into a brick wall crazy. Or, waking up and seeing knives floating around the room crazy. Just plain ca-RAZY, crazy. The other one gave me heart palpitations.

So, after many more sleepless nights of me wanting to drive my fist through my headboard. And, countless repetitions of, "I surrender this God. You can let me sleep", I went back to the herbal route and tried Melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone produced naturally, in some gland that I can't spell or pronounce, which controls internal clocks. I've been taking half a pill (1.5 milligrams) for a couple of weeks now, and I think it may be working! Now, I still have issues, don't get me wrong. If my daughter has a bad dream, I'm the one who is up for the rest of the night.


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