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Monday, February 7, 2011

A Little Help From My Friends

I am not the healthiest person you will ever meet.  I have asthma, migraines, sinuses that drive me crazy from October to May, some strange auto-immune stuff going on and, on top of all of that, I don't sleep much.  I am a blast at parties!  Call me!

I'm halfway kidding, because I am a blast (I'm modest too), but one of the worst things about being sickly is that your friends have to deal with it.

Sure, last year's swine flu/pneumonia/suspected pulmonary embolism stopped my husband and his dad from leaving for a weekend trip and my mom was the one who rushed me to the emergency room when my doctor thought I was coming down with my SECOND case of viral meningitis, but it's different when you have to put a friend out.

Like the time when I got a concussion a couple of years ago and my husband was out of town or when I went on my annual girls' weekend and ended up with a migraine that made me so sick that I couldn't keep my anti-nausea meds down.  I'm sure that watching me get IV drugs wasn't on my friends' lists of things to do when they were away from their kids for a few days.

But, maybe all of this happens to me for a reason.  Maybe it's to show me that I have amazing friends, or to prove to the world that there really are good people who care about each other; or care for me...same difference.

In addition to being a creative outlet, a place where I have connected with other parents of children with medical issues, and being the board off of which I dove into a new line of work, blogging is a bonus because it has enlarged the group of people who would drive me to the hospital.

Photo courtesy of Mishelle Lane

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Jim looks great in those Mary Janes.

Woohoo! I got me a MomoFali Level 0 Patch! I assume that's O for Outstanding.
And, we'll drink with you. Don't forget that. :)

Love you, Momo. Love you HARD!
That's one cool posse you've got.
Do they serve beer in the hospital cafeteria? Let's go!
And a few who would probably help you move a body!
I totally would too.
I would drive you to the hospital in a heart beat Momo.
gotta have hospital drivers! always! that pic is hilarious! :)
I'd totally drive you to the hospital. Or help you move a body. Or help you move a body to the hospital, if they needed it...
Your bloggy friends are so GANGSTA!
Seemingly minor health problems can really put a damper on things. But it's good that you have plenty of people who care about you should anything happen.
Oh, wincing. Viral meningitis is SO not fun. Thank heavens for your good friends (and wishing I could be one in person for you like them).
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