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Monday, June 28, 2010

Eye Can't Hear You

When you have children, a quiet house is a thing of mystery. It is rare that both of my kids will be reading at the same time and even if they are, there is bound to be an argument. "Stop making so much noise when you turn the page! Gosh!"

Not to mention the fact that silence usually equals trouble. When my daughter was younger and playing quietly it inevitably meant she was cleaning her tea party set. Though it wasn't so much cleaning as it was pouring water all over the bathroom floor. To wipe it up, she would use every hand towel we owned.

My son is never quiet. He talks to his toys, to the TV and to me. A lot. So, when he was playing upstairs with friends the other night and I couldn't hear him, I should have known something was up. I'm just glad he used tape and not glue.

Notice the complete lack of facial movement. A smile would have likely pulled his eyelashes out.

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Now that kid knows how to have good, cheap fun.
I shudder at the thought of glue. How long did it take to get off?
When my kids were little and were quiet (rare), it usually meant a trip to the emergency room, someone was crapping their pants, or the fire department was on the way.

Ah the joys of parenting...and they wonder why I stayed UP at night!!

Oh dang, when I first got here I thought he had a black eye or something. Good to see it's just tape, but ouch! I remember pulling band-aids from my arm at a young age, that would really be bad!

And you're right, it's when a boy is quiet that something is up.
LOL it may not be quiet, but it looks like fun, and a few laughs anyway!
Probably a good thing it wasn't duct tape either.

(I thought the had a black eye too, so glad that wasn't the case.)
OMgosh I am LMAO!!!! HYSTERICAL...yes tape is better than glue!
OMG! When I first saw that photo I thought something terrible had happened to him! Now that I've read the post I am hysterical laughing!
WOW - that's a first for me! LMAO!
I am SO GLAD that he's not hurt, but DAYUM, that's too funny ;)
You know how Wonder Woman had an invisible plane? I feel like he's a pirate with an invisible eye patch.
EWW! (And I'm so glad I have boys. I love it!)

Quiet moments have always been associated with the biggest disasters in our house, too. Like the time my 18-month-old moved the entire contents of the cat food bowl, handful by handful, to where the cat was sleeping under the bed. But you know what? It was totally worth the half hour of quiet.
And they say kids only want electronics! That is pure awesome, right there! :)
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