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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I Married My Brother

It's not what you think.

His mother isn't my mother and his father isn't my father. We aren't related, by blood, in any way.

However, I am married to a man who is the ultimate competitor. A man who always has to be right. And, of course, there is the teasing and knowing just what will drive me crazy...and doing all of those things on purpose. More than anything, there is his enjoyment of doing anything "kid-like".

On Saturday, we took the kids sledding. Did I anticipate that my husband would come up behind me, tackle me to the ground and then shove snow in my face? Or, that he would put himself on a toboggan with two kids in order to be the heaviest, and therefore the fastest, sled on the hill?

Did I realize that he would make our SUV do doughnuts on the ice in the empty parking lot until our daughter was car sick?

Did I know that if I asked him whether he was going to smack his gum for the entire car ride that his reply would be, "Only if it irritates you"?

I should have.

My husband is kid in a 38 year old body. Don't get me wrong, he's responsible and he works hard, but he would rather spend the day having light saber fights with our son, or taking our daughter to see Avatar in 3-D while I stay home with the grumpy seven year old, a barking puppy and an old dog with a bladder infection. Not that I'm bitter about it.

In all honesty, I love it. My husband is the reason that our kids are kids. He is the one who plans the trips to amusement parks, takes them for bike rides and forces me out of the house on the coldest day of the year to listen to our children giggle on the sledding hill.

He is the person who took our children on a wild ride down the street on a furniture dolly that he pulled with a moving strap. He is the guy who took us fishing and had the patience to load the lines on all the reels, then redo every one of them when we (okay, I) managed to tangle them on our first casts.

He took our 11 year old daughter on a zipline canopy tour through the forest, he has gone skydiving and white water rafting and done all the things that I am too scared to do. My husband is instilling his adventurous spirit and enthusiasm for life in our children.

And if that means I have to put up with some gum smacking, then bring on the bubble gum.

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He's making memories they will always have.

Good for him, and you!

Yup, I would take a little gum smacking for all that fun. There is nothing like listening to kids giggle. And if one of those kids happen to be 38, then even better!
Does he engage you in impromptu "bloody knuckles" contests? That's what I get from time to time. Guess that means I married my sister. So... I feel your pain. And the joy.
Sounds like you did okay.
Lucky you. I have a kid for a husband too; but now he acts more like a lazy teen... gad.
Sounds like a wonderful man!
For what it's worth, my husband married his mother, although I was informed last night that I'm marginally crazier. (His mom has become my best friend, so it works out nicely.)
-->My husband is a tad more adventurous with the kids but I think it's because he doesn't have to clean up the mess afterwards. I do.
This is awesome. I always love it when my husband comes up with great activities for himself with the kids. What a great one you have, though!
It's wonderful that your husband is having a great time making memories and having awesome adventures with the kids. It's good for kids to challenge themselves and do exciting and scary activities. (First time I ever went on a zip line canopy tour I was hooked for life.)
Ugh. My husband has all the "must be right all the time" without all the "fun fun fun adventure" part.
Great read! I roomed with him for two and half years. The ultimate competitor! Of course, I am the same way.
My wife hates my must be right attitude. Maybe I can take a cue from your husband and mix in some more adventure for a happier home. I am getting excited that our son is getting older and more ready for fun. Of course I would never jump out of a perfectly good airlplane.
Your husband sounds a lot like mine. I've always felt a little guilty about being the one who is more grounded but after reading your post, I feel good about our daughter seeing both sides of the coin!!

Yea, for both of us!!
I about fell out of my chair when I read that first few paragraphs here. I am forever thinking I married my brother as well. He calls me in the middle of the day, EVERY.SINGLE.DAY, to say the same obnovious thing because it knows it annoys me. sigh....He is a big kid in every single way.

great post.
haha, boys! they get all frisky when they are outside...todays post was about my hubby folding my underwear, I think I bring out the weirdness in him haha! sounds like you have a great guy! thanks for sharing!
My husband hates it when I crack my gum in the car so I don't do it .... more than a few times, anyway.
He sounds like my kind of guy. And let me guess, he likes sports and beer too doesn't he?

Scared of white water rafting? Not with me, you wouldn't be!

Seriously though, I love how you write posts about your appreciationg for your man. It oozes the good stuff.

He's one lucky nut to have a babe like you, don't forget it.

Appreciationg? That's not a word, is it?

Off to get started oozing myself.
You're husband sounds awesome. And, he reminds me of my dad, in that he's a kid at heart with a super competitive nature!
How blessed your family is to have such a wonderful husband, daddy and father. Sounds like he keeps things interesting. When I was reading the first paragraph there I started to suspect that you were writing about my fiance! Lol.
Love it. Thanks!
He sounds like an awesome husband, father, and man. I think I have pretty much decided that I snagged one of those myself ;) We'll know in a couple of years on the father part. And about 17 days on the husband part! *smiles*
I like being a kid to my kid as well. Good times. Not as competitive as your husband - when through an 11-step program for that one.

So, what's with the brother thing again?
Heh ... I only have sisters, so I married a man just like my dad, but if I had brothers, I would have wanted them to be just like my father, so I guess it all works out in the end. Eventually. It's kind of nice being married to someone where you know what you're going to end up with, isn't it?
Kudos for you husband for letting your kids be kids and diving right into the fun. And this is why I admire my husband as well. He has taught my kids about being kids.
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