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Monday, June 15, 2009

The Meat Wagon

On a fair June day, three great women came a very long way.
They brought me a CD and a super-cute bag,

and that tote was full of yummy swag!

I got a tiara, a sash, and a bouquet made of paper.

And, even the dogs got treats. Beef and bacon flavor!

They made us a lock, reminding us to close the door.

And, there was beef, sausage, a duck and more!

All in all, it was a fantastic day made possible by people across the USA.

I'm not sure if my heart has ever felt such elation,
and now my family won't die of starvation!

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this is truly awesome. so amazing baby! I love the world.
Cutest post EVER. Best day EVER.

And you beat me to posting, with poetry even. Mine will be up later! xoxo

P.S. We'll have to do it again sometime, without the meat crisis. :)
OMG, they brought you CANDY? I mean, I know they brought you lots of meat but CANDY!!
That's awesome! Sounds like you guys had a great time. And from the tweets...sounds like WM was wasted. Can't wait to see the other posts about it :)
What a great day it was! I had so much fun and thanks for all the 'hospitality'. BTW, what the heck was Melisa tweeting when I wasn't looking?
"Nice to meat you." that's a hoot! I'm glad you got a chance to see the logo. That was Big Bad Daddy's handiwork.

Sounds like it was a real blast! How can you go wrong with craft projects, meat and candy?
Hopefully you had a nice, comfy picnic table for WeaselMomma to lay on and take a drunken nap. She's like that...I've got the pictures to prove it.
Why does "a duck" crack me up so much? I don't know. Maybe I just picture a duck chillin in the fridge.
And it couldn't have happened to a more deserving person.
Very COOL!

So glad you also got the picture while WM was still able to stand...or are you guys really just holding her up?

Alright, alright, to be FAIR...though in MY opinion (and probably anyone in the blood alcohol measuring field would agree), Weaselmomma was not fit to drive because of the "time vs. alcohol consumed" ratio, she wasn't a drunken mess. That little peanut can hold liquor like a champ. But she was not "wasted".

There, WM. I fixed it. You can pay me later. :)
That is just flippin awesome..all of it...
Hooray. Here's to nice people helping nice people.

See, that sounds totally lame, which is why jerks make the evening news.
What wonderful women!

I love me some duck, I'm coming for dinner!
People are bloody good sometimes eh?
I'm a little late commenting, but wanted to add my two cents. It was a wonderful trip. Momo, meeting you was fantastic. Thanks for the warm welcome. I agree with Melisa, we should do it again sans meat crisis. And, no, WM wasn't drunk. She was feeling pleasant. And Melisa is a great driver and can drive my car anytime. (Oh, you too, WM!)
I have TEARS OF JOY over this!
Awesome. Just awesome.
I am sure their hearts were full as well. Not only did they bring the necessities, but the candy, tiara, dog treats, etc. made it a fun event for all! The world is good... Enjoy the duck!

I missed your last few posts--I am sorry you are going through such junk but if you weren't, you'd never feel all the love and generosity being sent your way!

Big hugs!!!

(duck is the best!)
So awesome!!! I love seeing that freezer full of meat!
"Mrs. Meat 2009" - Now c'mon. How many of us can call ourselves THAT?!

So awesome of these ladies (and gentlemen) from all over.
SO cool.
Meat, Candy and Tiaras. Sounds like a party to me!
How cool is that!?!?
That is so wonderful. What a blessing. I love our blog community. :)
I am so happy for you. It can be hard to accept help, but sometimes it's necessary to just say yes, and let people do what they need to do. Hooray!
This whole adventure did my heart good. I love bloggers, they are the best!
I love the picture. I was wondering if you had a pic of yourself. You're darling!!!!

Off- topic: Is Momo Fali your real name??? Maybe I've missed something, I'm slow like that. 5 kids'll do that to you.
I was wondering if you might be willing to mention my raffle/fundraiser. I would NOT ask if it wasn't for a great cause. Plus, there are over 90 donated prizes to win totaling over $3000.00! And who doesn't like to win??

It's really a win-win for everyone. People get to help me meet my fundraising goal AND potentionally win big.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE clickover and enter my raffle!! You can truly win TONS OF PRIZES (totaling over $3000.00 - gift cards, Starbucks coffee maker, $600 in camping equipment, gorgeous jewelry and more!).

It's for a great cause….

6 years ago my Dad received a new heart.

This is my way of giving back.
So totally awesome! xoxo
I love them!
This post...and your previous one made me tear up...yeah ME. That is AWESOME. Oh man, I love people.
i'm so happy that something that could have been devastating turned into such a blessing! i think we are so very lucky to be a part of this bloggy community. it's great to see and hear about nice things for a change :)
I don't know why I never comment. I'm just lame, I guess. But this is just a really cool thing to see, and It always makes me smile when people do nice things. Especially Atomic Fire Balls. :)
That is just awesome! There is so much more good out there than people realize.
This is the best story ever! Yeah for good hearts! I love the lock they made for the door!
Bestest thing ever.
Told you. You attract good because of what you put out there.
You deserve it lady.
Bless those awesome women.
This is so unbelievably awesome -- the whole thing brings tears to my eyes (but I think I'm just hormonal and over-tired *wink*).

And that lock? Fantastic!
that's an awesome story. good people.
So. Incredibly. Cool. I heart those women and all the thought and fun that went into it. Excellent. And you all look so great in that photo, too! :)
Blogging = TEH AWESOME.

But being called Mrs Meat? I mean, like, WHO can say they are Mrs. Meat?

You are blessed, my friend. You are blessed.
What a great cause! And isn't the blogosphere the greatest???

it surely is.........
That is so wonderful! You have amazing people in your life and it goes to show that you are a special family (like I already knew) that so many would go out of their way to help you. I know you would do the same. hugs!
This is amazing!!! Everything happens for a reason!
That totally restores my faith in human kind.
Seriously, what an amazing thing to do! The Meat Wagon girls rock.
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