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Momo Fali's: Tenacity

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I often talk about how far my son has come and how tenacious he is. Sometimes I am blown away by how many things from which he has bounced back. But, he isn't the only person I know who has managed to succeed when faced with insurmountable struggles. My cousin, Shrevie, has been through some very hard times.

When he was just a kid, Shrevie got kicked in the head by a mule. I don't remember it, because Shrevie is quite a bit older than me, but I've heard the story a million times. For some reason, he was trying to braid the mule's tail when it reared up and kicked him right in the forehead. Shrevie was knocked unconscious. He awoke two days later with crossed eyes and a lisp.

Because the kids teased him, Shrevie took to sports to prove himself. He started out as the team manager, fetching water and towels for the high school kids. When they finally gave him a chance, Shrevie gave it his all as a kicker. Despite his crossed eyes, he managed to punt the ball 20 yards!

Unfortunately, that wasn't good enough for Ohio State, where he dreamed of going to college. But, as luck would have it, Texas was quite interested. Ironically, because so many children in Texas get kicked in the head by mules, Shrevie wasn't the only one on the team who sometimes ran the wrong way down the field.

This is me and Shrevie back in the day...just before he left for school. Just look at how happy he was. Someone had just given him a Member's Only jacket.

Shrevie is married with kids now. He unfortunately took another hit to his eye in what he refers to as Pea-Shootpalooza, but he is doing well. He left Texas years ago and is trying to find his way back to Ohio. No one has the heart to tell him that our fine state isn't in the Mid-Atlantic, but we feel confident he'll make it home someday.

Oh, and this post? Is nothing but a big, fat, cross-eyed joke on NukeDad. NukeDad, you've been blunked. Here, let me break that down for you...that's blog punked. Even if you're my hero, you are still due some paybacks. And apparently, I'm not the only one who thinks you needed this.

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Photoshop is your friend.
That was hysterical!
Forgive me since it is 6am & I have yet to stop for my Starbucks before work, but emmm, I was going with this for a while. Haaaaa. Only because of your searing prose. ~Mary
Oh you are evil..I love it! ;)
I love you.

And I love how Tom, WM and I have been agonizing over our plotlines for days while you just make it look so easy. NICE! :)
This group Blunk is hilarious!
I feel like I got Blunked! LOL!
Kicked in the head by a mule - I love it! Poor guy. I hope someone shows him a map some day so he can figure out where he's going.
Hysterically great story! The fact that the four of you pulled off the group blunk is mind boggling. Have you heard from NukeDad's camp yet. I'd love to get his reaction.
Nice story, glad Shrevie is doing well and hope the kids don't inherit the cross eyes.
The photoshopped bling was a nice touch- very realistic!
I love the word "tenacity" I see Tena City!
I was like, wtf? Why did she photo shop her head? I want to see what she looked like in that 80s dangit!
The story of a mule kicked Texas punter named Shrevie. sounds like a movie intro.
being kicked in the head by a mule is nothing to laugh about.

Now, if it had been a goat...THAT's funny!

being kicked in the head by a mule is nothing to laugh about.

Now, if it had been a goat...THAT's funny!

Lol. Great post Momo. I love it!
oh my goodness..I am peeing.. your photoshopping skillz are legit!!!

You. Are. So. Dead.

Kicked in the head by a mule? How did you know? I can't believe my sister gave up all the goods on me! I still remember that picture of you and I. I never thanked you properly for taking care of me back then; wiping the spittle off of my chin, peeling me off of the TV when I would lick the screen during food commercials, changing the occasional were always there for me. Thanks Momo.
Outstanding post! Funny as heck! And I love the Photo Shop!
now THAT was hilarious!!!
I'm waiting for the movie version.
I live in Idaho. Those things actually happen here. I kept thinking, oh my god, does she really KNOW my neighbor?
You did this very well!
There's a whole lotta blunking going on.
Great stuff!
Okay. Here's the thing... the funniest part about this is the fact that with your seemingly huge, never-ending family members (even without your husband's side), and with the crazy/funny things that happen in your life, and with your Mom's descent ... the whole time I'm thinking, "I can't believe I don't know this funny story about a cousin named Shrevie."
And I'm your BFF!
Talk about being blunked and gullible! Dayam.
I love the word "blunked" ahahah!
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