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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Make Me Smile

There are some things that can ruin a day. My children arguing constantly, Catholic guilt, and plucking hairs out of my chin...just to name a few.

But, some things make me smile. With the holidays approaching, I thought I would share some of my favorite things. It's like Oprah, only I'm white...and poor. Male readers, either stop here or proceed for gift ideas, but don't say I didn't warn you.

1. Wooden teethers and toys from Little Alouette. They are made by hand, by my friend Amy and her husband Joe. No paint, no chemicals...just good ole' Ohio maple, sanded, and finished with certified organic seed oil. In this day in age, who wants to let their baby chew on anything unnatural? Um...and they're so cute that I thought about getting one for myself. Really. Here's my favorite teether. Tell me you wouldn't want to chew on it!

2. Aveda Hand Relief. I could not get through a winter without it. My husband "surprises" me with some each Christmas. I'm a germophobe and work with second graders, so I wash my hands a lot. If you put this on each night before bed, you'll never have dry or chapped hands. It works better than any other lotion I've tried, and I've tried lots.

3. The OPI La Collection de France. I feel classy just saying it. My favorite color is You Don't Know Jacques!...mostly because it's fun to ask for at the salon. You can act mean and French, and still get your nails painted.
4. Relax Riesling. One word. Yum.

5. To go with my glass of wine, I need a good book. I recently received a free copy of O's Big Book of Happiness: The Best of O, The Oprah Magazine: Wisdom, Wit, Advice, Interviews, and Inspiration. It may have the longest title EVER, but it is filled with informative and inspirational articles. And I mean filled. There are over 300 pages of goodness.

6. Mammoth Crocs. Say what you want about what these shoes look like, but I wouldn't own three pairs if there wasn't something to them. The Mammoth's are lined with soft, faux fur to keep your feet warm and they can be kicked off easily when wet, which is a great way to keep kids from dragging slush all around the house. Bonus! Plus, you can throw the shoe and the liner in the washer. Double bonus!

7. My hand-painted butterflies. Most people probably put these in their garden or patio, but I have two of them hanging in my living room. When the gray skies and cold weather get to be too much, I like having them to remind me spring isn't too far away. I couldn't find the ones I have, but you can find some other styles here.

Note: Jewish readers please skip to number nine.

8. My pretty, little Milagros Cross. Milagros, which means miracles in Spanish, are used in Mexico and Latin America as symbols of honor, guidance and protection. My sister bought me one like this from a lovely store in northern Ohio, but for those of you who can't make it to Cleveland, there are plenty of sites on-line that sell Mexican folk art. Muy bonita!
9. Matzoh brie. Looks bad, but tastes good. Just sayin'.

10. My Dyson. Okay, okay. I don't have one, but a girl can dream, can't she?

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Hmm....I've never seen Relax Riesling. I like Riesling. I'm a sucker for marketing. Love the pretty bottle, and the name Relax? I so need to learn how to do that. Think if I drink a bottle, it'll help?!
Oooh...I like your list! I got to babysit a Dyson this week (for BIL who was out of the country). They are bliss. Coupled with the wine, cheese and a good Oprah mag, woman, that is bliss! :)
I just got a gift certificate for a mani. Now I know what color to ask for. Can't wait to try it out.

Great list. I want a dyson. Sigh.
"Note: Jewish readers please skip to number nine."

I am peeing in my pants. That was hilarious.

And Holy Cow. We MUST be on the SAME page, because I was thinking about working a post about Holiday Shopping and MY CHIN HAIR!


I started writing this today:

"I think I may have been a man in my former life (since I hate shopping so much) and...that would also explain my 'chin hair situation'....."


Oh! Oh! I just got my new fav OPI Viva La France color also:Eiffel for this color. Loves it! And I don't have a Dyson, but a billy badass Kirby and I swear by it!!
How could I skip #8? It's gorgeous, crossy-and all. Anyway, did you see the upside-down hand on the right side of the cross? Looks like a "hamsa" to me, which is heavily used in Jewish homes and jewelry, as a talisman to ward off "evil spirits" and other bad stuff. Anyway, it's a crossover symbol, used in many faiths and traditions. I would love to know what the other symbols mean!

May I suggest -- as an alternative to matzoh brie -- the fabulous sufganiyot? basically, Israeli jelly doughnuts for Hanukkah. And Krispy Kreme counts as kosher!
I'd kill for a Dyson... I'm so domesticated. Sigh.
Love your list. I've never seen wooden teethers before. I like the idea a lot. And I'm all about adult teethers. Seriously. Might really help with stress.
cool list.
#2 makes my life worth living. And I am stealing #8 for my Wall of Crosses. Yup, I have one. It rocks.
I'll have to try the Aveda. I've tried everything else. Out here it's dryness from the Santa Ana winds, the heat and the 0 % humidity. Oh - and the hand sanitizer stuff I use constantly cuz I'm a germaphobe too!
i'm thinking the teether might help during those -- uh -- family dinners we have.

it certainly would keep me from choking on my food.
As one of your Jewish readers, I appreciate the tip to skip #8, but I totally didn't! That cross is freakin' gorgeous! Do you think they make Stars of David? Just askin'. :)

(and I love Matzah/Matzoh brie. YUM!)

So do all of us get all of your Favorite Things before we leave your blog for today? :)
So does the OPI come in "hooker REd?" Just askin'
Come collect your badge, they are in.
Umm, is it wrong that I love the Dyson as well. Being the Domestic God that I am...
Thank you, my dear!

As The Spouse likes wine and the Wee Lass likes butterflies, I may have a good head start on Xmas shopping this year.

I'm not Catholic (more of a Zen Lutheran, if that makes sense) but I like the Milagros cross. Very cool! I can't say as Lutherans are known for the folk art.
Wonderful wish list... I may have to add of few of these to my own lise.
What a beautiful cross and butterflies!! And can I join you in drooling over that vacuum? I have a nice but inexpensive one I got on sale at Target. Hey, whatever works, right?
I want a Dyson more than anyone knows - but I don't even have carpet. I know it can work on wood floors but I think the Dyson is worth more than my house is right now.
And don't EVEN get me started on chin hairs. GAH!
(ps: thanks for the kind words on my last post)
I love yr list! I love that you have us on there! YR SWEET! WOOD is good!
Damn, that vacuum is HOT! Do you think they make them with ground effects?
Oh I do like your butterflies. Gotta get me some of those.
How do you follow up a cross with Jew food? How?
All my favorites too!

... what are they??? (smile)

Hi from SpeedyCat
Amy's (Little Alouette) teethers are the bomb.. seriously.. My little guy loved his.

I want to go get the Riesling.. the marketing of the blue and your word of mouth..sold..
Ahhh the good life.

ps. I took a pic of a dude chugging a bottle of that Reisling last weekend, it's on my flickr. Do you chug it? You might consider it.
that's a great little list you have going on there :D i think this is a FANTASTIC post idea! I think I'll do one this weekend!

And the teethers are an AWESOME idea. I'll have to look into that for my niece and nephew.
That cross is gorgeous!
At first glance I thought your #10was some state-of-the-art chin hair plucker, but yes, now I see, vacuum!! looks savage!! grrr. I want one too!
If I could push around a Dyson while drinking that Riesling straight from the bottle, I'd be a happy woman!!
Amen on the Aveda hand relief. I used to work in a salon doing nail services and that's all I used for manis. Great product. I miss being able to get my own stash at cost. Guess I better add that to my Christmas list.
Hey Momo! I left you something on my blog that I think might make you smile too :)
I have that OPI color :)

I am smiling from Stella's comment too :)
When I first got married, I remember making a comment that if my husband ever got me a vaccuum for Christmas, I'd be offended. I got one a couple years ago, and I LOVED it! Now I need a new one, and that dyson looks sexy... When did I turn into someone who WANTS vaccuums for Christmas??? LOL! BTW, your sons card is on it's way. I hope he likes it.
Love my Animal--that thing really sucks!
I have a Dyson. I waited forever for it. I love it, but not as much as I thought I would. It has it's drawbacks like the wand being awkward and hard to use and the cord winder thing being hard to use. But it beats my old one with a big stick so I'm content.

And Reisling, god's gift to those of us who don't have much time for long baths and other forms of relaxation.
Your right I totally should have stopped reading lol. Jk nice list. Oprah owes you something fabulous.
Funny! I'm doing a VERY similar post to this, next week...

oh to be a guest on that episode of Oprah
I really want to try brown nail polish-it's soooo HOT this season!
Yep, all of those make me smile, but you missed out chocolate and David Tennant. Sighhhhh.
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