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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Funny With a Side of Foot

My six year old son has been known to say things without thinking them through first. He gets that from me. Poor kid. I can just hear him talking about me when I'm long gone..."My Mother? Well, she gave me the knack for sticking my foot in my mouth. Oh, and my unibrow comes from her too."

The two of us really do mean well. In his case, the blunders stem from his pure innocence, whereas mine come from my desire to be quick-witted. I may think fast, but I don't think smart. I want to be funny, but am still learning how to do that quickly and without offending people.

I am a typical parent. I want my kids to be better, more intelligent (my nine year old daughter already has this one covered), kinder, and funnier than I am. I know my son makes me laugh, but most of the time it's because he has unknowingly hurled an insult at someone. I have always assumed that as he got older and realized what he was saying, I would laugh at him a whole lot less.

But today I sat in on a meeting at his school and listened as his speech therapist told the group how funny he is.

Then his teacher said, "Oh yes, he has a great sense of humor."

And words like "unbelievable" were thrown around as they all nodded in agreement about his hilarious skills.

Apparently my kid has been making the folks at school laugh without being mean-spirited, and that made me swell with pride.

And, because I frequently have the taste of foot on my tongue, I was also just a little bit jealous.


Mark my words, he will go far in life. If the teachers can already see it, it's as good as done.
You have trained your young padawan well, master jedi.
Quick witted non-offensive kids rock!
Just another confirmation that your kid rocks.. well done.. :)
He's awesome- he's smart enough to know his boundaries and not hurt people too bad. I am just like you- and it's cuz I'm trying to be funny and I just end up looking like a big old dork! Not that you look like a dork, see here I go again
He's got the gift. Well done.
You are so lucky. My 6 year old farts with his armpits to make people laugh. Can't go too far in life with that.
Cute kid!
As far as offending people, it's gonna happen. Some people are highly prone to getting offended (see book: Bait of Satan-BEST book).

Keep you feet clean for future tastings! I do!
Sounds like the kid has been paying attention! Sometimes you learn what to do by watching and listening to others do what not to do…that’s how I learned so much from my Big Bro! :)
I hope that he can retain that innocent spirit. I think part of the reason I eat foot myself so much is because I have become somewhat jaded and cynical as I've gotten older.
you son makes ALL OF US laugh. A Lot.
Congratulations, Mom: well done.
isn't it awesome when they take our skills and improve on them?

well done!

me, i prefer my foot with just a little butter and no (toe) jam.
What are you talking about, woman? you are freaking hilarious!! Your entire blog (mostly - except for the sad posts) make me giggle. I think you rock.
He's already covering the intelligence thing too huh? :)

Class clowns are always the coolest're lucky!
the thing to do is to get him an agent *now* before the prices go back up.

there's nothing wrong with foot pie. as long as it's served with clean-sock topping.
Hey, hope you are having a good evening!

I am not entirely certain of the protocol for this, but I have given you an award, as required by Da Roolz! You can see them at Irish Gumbo.

Congratulations and good luck!
this one time, at band camp, I put my foot in my mouth.
That's a very fine line to walk-- he should give out lessons.

And you should begin grooming him for a future career in humorous blogging.

Don't tell him about the pay...
That's awesome!

BTW, I hate the taste of my foot. LOL
How wonderful you have a kid with a good sense of humor. It's a true art these days...not to offend others, I mean. It's hard.
i wanna be friends with your kid.
Sounds like you'll be stealing material from you kids to use in the blog. Wait a minute most of us do that already...
I've just found your blog, and whilst I can't find anything witty to say at the moment, I do have to say I LOVE it... and, would it be too forward to say I LOVE YOU too!?!? :D it would?? Oh. Sorry then.....

** insert sheepish grin here **
I love that, when you find your kid really is the person you're hoping they are. And I do the foot in mouth thing too. Sighhhh. If only feet tasted of chocolate. :(
two thumbs up for your boy! *S*
That's got to be wonderful to hear :) I love the stories of the things your boy says and does. :)
I am always sticking my foot in it.! I think I am jealous too, cause nobody thought I was the least bit funny when I was a kid.
That's one awesome boy you got there.
I can't possibly beat the previous comments, so I'll just say, "Bravo!"
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