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Monday, November 24, 2008

Full Credit if You're a Redneck

One of the best things about working as an aide in a second grade classroom is being with kids who are, for the most part, too young to be corrupt. When they say something inappropriate, it comes from a pure and innocent place.

So, when the teacher asked for an example of a word with the "short i" sound, and a student raised his hand and said, "Tit"...shouldn't he get partial credit?

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Heck, that's hysterical and it has the short i. Give him full credit!
What? What's wrong with naming a bird?

Note the photo of the Great Tit>

Full credit! Full credit! Full credit!

After all, it sounds like the kid fulfilled the nature of the request AND its funny!
How do you not laugh out loud?!!
I think that is a bird if his dad is a bird watcher--if he lives in a trailer and had a mullet--red neck ;)
He should totally get full credit! LOL
Oh, I wish I could have seen the teacher's face at that moment. hahaha
I am 100% sure it is just because he has heard the phrase "tit for tat" at home. Really.

HA! I needed that laugh on this Monday morning! Thanks.
full credit!!!!!
Hell, I'd give him full credit.
Heck yes.. lol.. hysterical..
I use tit all the time!
I would have LOVED to see the expressions on your (and the teacher's) face!! I'm sure it was priceless.
Definitely full credit. That's a great example!
partial credit, at least...
Nope, full credit. He's not wrong.
"As in Tufted Titmouse, Tommy? Yes, do you have a birdfeeder too? Cool."
Oh - he definitely has to get full credit for that one! I'm still LMAO over here!!
Full points *wink, wink, nudge, nudge* on that one.
LMAO, I wouldn't have been able to hold it together. Definitely full credit, he was absolutely right. (just maybe a mention aside that that's not necessarily an appropriate word to volunteer during class)
Some rednecks call there animals teets 'tits', maybe that's where that kid heard it.

Or maybe the kid's is still on the tit?

Either way, it's jolly good.
"Tit" that's better than what my little one would have said. I'm lucky he knows what he can and can't say at school.
Totally full credit on that one! Hysterical!

Hi darlin'!!!
You ARE right... that's the great thing about being around 2nd graders. LOL. So funny.
Awesome. Thanks for that. I have to go see people I don't want to see, and this put me in the right mood to deal with them.
DOH! My kids would have totally got thrown out of their crazy school!
LOVE that!

That's going to be MY kid one proud...
...better than 'bitch'!
Full credit to the avian expert!
Full Credit & a Pat On The Back
I don't see the problem.
Hey, in MY imaginary classroom, Tit gets you at least half a point no matter WHAT the question was.
Full credit!!

This is my first time here by the way -- love your site :-)
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