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Momo Fali's: Boo

Friday, October 17, 2008


When I was eight years old, one of my aunts took me to see Amityville Horror. My eleven year old cousin and I insisted upon sitting in the front row of the darkened theater. That lasted for all of the opening credits. The screen suddenly showed pouring rain and as soon as the first bolt of lightening flashed, we flew up the aisle to the safety of the back row, where nothing could grab us from behind.

For years, I had trouble being anywhere near houses that have faces, and when my cousin and I found a splash of red paint in an empty room of our grandma’s cellar, I didn’t go down there for a long, long time.

That’s when it started. With Halloween fast approaching, I’m letting the world know…this chick does NOT like the scary.

Though I really don't have to tell the world. I think I've made it quite obvious.

There was the time I hid the entire top half of my body under my husband’s jacket as we made our way through a haunted forest. And, once we went to a haunted house with another couple. The evening ended on a sour note, when the three of them went on to enjoy the terror festivities and I stayed in the car and cried.

That wasn’t the first, nor was it the last, occasion that I’ve cried when someone scared me. As an adult. That’s right. In order to get the tears flowing, you don’t have to hurt my feelings…you just have to jump out and say boo.

So, if you want to find me as the season of ghosts and goblins draws near, I’ll be the one sitting in the corner, possibly sucking my thumb. With two solid walls behind me, at least I’ll know that nothing can grab me from behind.


Shiver! bet you avoided Long Island your whole life just to stay far away from that house!?

My trauma came with some made-for-TV movie about Lizzie Borden. It sucked because it was winter and for the next 4 months I carried a screwdriver with me every time I had to go down into the DARK cellar to throw wood on the furnace.

Thank God we now have central heating. :)
I hate the scary too...And I used to LOVE it...

I have been by that ACTUAL house. It is as scary in person as it is in the movie.
Is there room in that corner for me, too? :)
ahem scardy cat, right here. I hate being scared.
I am hiding right next to ya--the pic, spooky!
(but I always wonder, if house tells you to 'get out' why don't you RUN?!)
I STILL have not been able to make it all the way through that movie! Granted, I gave up trying a long time ago.....
I guess I am alone here. I love to be scared. Except that time when I was 10 and was sure that I saw Bloody Mary in my grandma's upstairs mirror. I didn't go up there again for years.
You're preaching to the choir, sistah. I hate scary stuff. I like a good scary book - have read all Stephen King, and The Amityville Horror, but I don't like jump out at you movies.
I LOVE scarey movies... sorta lol...lemme explain I watch them with the volume OFF and through my fingers-did you know it is the friggin music that makes a movie scarey BUT if the sound is muted it isnt scarey

I am the biggest scardie cat one could hope to meet and it is all freddie kruger and the blair witches fault!

so i dont dream OR go camping in the woods ;-)
When I first started reading this I thought, "Yeah! She'd love to read my current series" then I realized, "Yeah, maybe not!" I'm doing a real haunted house series right now leading up to guest posts/contest of true ghost stories the last week before Halloween.

I'm sorry you're scared! Come read my blog in Novemeber! I always enjoy yours!
I didn't used to get/be scared, unitl we had the CSG over the summer/fall; now I am a big P*$&Y.
My wife is the same way. Me, I love scary stuff. Can't get scary enough. Although I find the typical halloween freak-show walk-throughs (chainsaw guys, zombies, vampires coming at you, etc.) more annoying than scary. I like the eerie and disquieting more than the BOO type scare.

That's how I decorate our house every year. My wife is very indulgent in this hobby of mine.
I went to a sneak preview of "The Ring". I didn't know it was a horror movie until we walked into the theater.

It fucked me up so badly that I haven't watched a scary movie since.
I cannot stand scarey things. I had a dream once where someone was grabbing me from under my bed. I don't think I will ever recover from that.
Not to make things worse, but how can you ever really know the walls are solid?
I , too, hate the scary. I enjoy my kids dressing up like princesses and Disney characters and my husband insists it's not Halloween without fear!
Scary? You want scary? Watch Jesse Palmer try and call a footbal game with Chris Fowler and Craig James. Now THAT'S scary!
I love the behind the scenes stuff, the gory and the comical.

A really non-scary movie to watch is Blood Diner and Wax Works-you will never be scared of this type of movie again.

Another thing to do is to play different audio when you are watching scary movies, makes it more fun!
momo... slowly turn around. I'm watching you. With a knife.

(dammit, I bet you laughed.)
I love me some scary! Especially houses with faces!
Aw MAN! You could have told the awesome (sorry ... I know it wasn't, really) story about me scaring you on the GGW! Oh, I do feel a little bad about it -I do- but still to this day I laugh out loud at the memory. That was great! I'm sorry...

Ok, my older brother let me watch The Exorcist when I was 10; it literally made me vomit. The Alien traumatized me for years, as did Freddie Kreuger. But I'm with Sarah Goon Squad ... The Ring TOTALLY messed with me as an ADULT to the point of actually praying for the mind visuals to go away and stop haunting me so I could feed my baby in the middle of the night without the fear. Who would have thought a ladder up against a house could play such mind trips?
I used to LOVE scary. My big bro is a B-movie fanatic, and goes to horror cons and buys every scary movie that comes out. And I used to borrow them all. But the older I get, the more I don't love it anymore. I have trouble sleeping, and I have to make my husband stand outside the bathroom door after we watch something scary. I still love Halloween and costumes and Ghost Hunters, but I'm less inclined to watch slasher movies these days.
I've got you. Seriously, just stand behind me. I love taking on the boogie man.
I used to jump out and scare my granny when she was 87.

I do the same to ET now.

Both hate me for it!
Momo I really get this. I was shown Amityville as a kid and also the Amityville where the brother seduces his younger sister then murders all his family. I was at a friends house. It was terrifying. I'd have been in the car with you hon. I like thrillers, but not the scary stuff.
Ha ha...I'm with YOU Momo....make no mistake about it. I can't...just can't deal with even scary movie commercials. When they re-did the Excorcist, the commercials were on what felt like back to back for hours. I'd scream and run for the remote or tv to change it and sing LA LA LA LA really loud so as not to hear anything.

I saw that movie when I was about 10. Not cool for me.

Amityville....Oh that sends shivers. I read the book as a teenager, you know, when living with an adult who would take care of me. Now I'M the adult in a single adult household so the best I can do is throw the guinea pig at spirit and hopes it disintegrates. I still remember the time that they highlighted in the book...the same time every night where things would happen. So of course, I do wake up at that time and wish I found it amusing.

I'll sit in the car with you. We'll bring a portable DVD player and watch It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.
Totally hate scary and horror movies. I saw the first 'Halloween' movie and that did it. I can convince myself, even now, the bogeyman is either in the closet or under the bed. I can so relate to this.
Oh My God....

Great Minds think ALIKE.

I cant with ANYTHING scary...And I just published my post about it.


I'm the same. Hate the scary!

Saw the Blair Witch Project and nearly peed myself I was so scared. And I was staying with my boyfriend's grandparents and they had these stupid dolls that leaned on the wall. One in my room, in the corner, facing in. SCARED the CRAP out of me!!

I'm totally with you.
I scare Trish from time to time and usually get beat up for it....

But it's still fun.

You need to see the newer Amitville Horror movie :)
What sane adult would take a kid to see that movie??? My garsh! I never saw it, thankfully. Or Poltergeist. It used to scare me just hearing kids talk about it at school. Anyway, poor you! If my kids watched anything like that I'm certain they'd be scarred for LIFE *L* I recorded some old black & white Frankenstein flick last Halloween and they couldn't even stand to watch that. Me & Big D were so bummed because we wanted to watch it for a family movie night thing with them but we got over it...kind of :P
I watched The Shining when I was a kid and I think I've almost completely blocked that bad experience from my memory.

I was scared of everything. I'd dive to the bed because I was SURE that something was under there. I'd never in a million years let a foot or hand hand over the bed. I also turned my dolls around. I was alwyas sure that one of them would turn back around and look at me while I was watching it in the dark :D
Now I don't mind scary stuff but I don't watch anything scarier than Alfred Hitchcock though.
oh and children of the corn - I forgot about that one. Tat scared the u-know-what outta me nearly.
The Amityville house is really scary in person.. I used to rent an apartment down the block from it and passed it daily.. brrrr..still gives me chills..

And regarding BusyDad's comment..if you are not laughing I am.. I mean come on..BusyDad trying to be scary.. lol
My grandma has a house that looks just like that in her neighborhood.

I scare pretty easily...but for some reason I am always testing myself with it.

I saw a midnight viewing of Rocky Horror picture show when I was a teen..and had nightmares for a week.
I finally realized in the last few years that I have a "swimming in the ocean" phobia, which I attribute to seeing Jaws when I was in my pre-teen years. Same idea, I can't get past imagining what might be swimming below me. I love the ocean, love wading and hearing the waves crash - but can't make myself swim. Good thing I'm landlocked in the Midwest!
I don't do scary either. Just the previews to that scary movie with Liv Tyler and the crazy people in the creepy smile masks freaked me out. (of course I had a morbid fascination with WATCHING the damn trailers) I agree with being in the back row of the theater like that..only I don't think they'd have gotten me into the theater to begin with.
whatever became of that aunt who took you to a horror film? i would murderize (yes, murderize - anything you add "ize" to seems less criminal) my sister if she took my daughter to a horror film.

i would also bitch-slapperize her. yeah it only really works on murderize, i suppose.
When I was little I used to scare the crap out of myself by sneaking and reading books like The Amityville Horror, Rosemary's Baby and The Shining. If at all possible I would find a way to watch these movies when Mom and Dad weren't paying attention. I used to get myself so freaked out!!!

I lock my windows and doors every night and I never pull back a shower curtain without diving to the side, just in case...
When I was little I used to scare the crap out of myself by sneaking and reading books like The Amityville Horror, Rosemary's Baby and The Shining. If at all possible I would find a way to watch these movies when Mom and Dad weren't paying attention. I used to get myself so freaked out!!!

I lock my windows and doors every night and I never pull back a shower curtain without diving to the side, just in case...
Totally with you on this. Always have been a scaredy cat, always will be. I've managed to miss watching most horror type films. And am simply afraid of the dark, and what goes bump in the night. We love to camp. In the woods. In the middle of the country. And at night, you guessed it. It gets dark. Real dark. My darling Mr. loves to slip away in the darkness, and not answer my calls to him. Not. Funny. Last year, we camped on Halloween, took a hayride to an old cemetary in the middle of NO WHERE, surrounded by woods. Totally.Surrounded.By Woods. I was shaking and freaked out the whole time we walked through it. His Mom quietly dissapeared into the woods during the walk. We called and called for her. I thought I was gonna pee my pants with the fear. She finally started laughing. I know where he gets it.
What the heck was your aunt THINKING?! Sheesh~
Just the other day I watched a show on TV about what a farce the Amityville Horror was. I too was scared of that movie until I saw this. The real story of how the so-called "facts" changed over time was amazing. It was simply a money making scheme.

It would be well worth your time to watch it; it dispelled all my fears that it was real at all. (Not that I believe in those things, but I know many do).
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